Veterans Reprised – Their Stories Stay With Us

For this 2023 Memorial Day edition, my guests return in these reprised interviews, with emphasis on prize. The is a segment of my longer interview with Air Force veteran Don Fisher who served during WWII. In his later years, Don understood the value he had as a relic of that war period, considering his experience in training, serving, and surviving those years, so he began offering his stories to the National Archive, and later shared on “Ask A Leader.” The full program is available on the 10/09/2010 episode at: Don Fisher died in October 2015 at the age of 97. The second segment is the full 25 minute interview with Don Lipstein, then a volunteer at Tragedy Assistance for Survivors (TAPS) talking about surviving his son Joshua who at the age of 23 died by suicide in March 2011 after serving in Iraq as a Navy Casualty Assistance Officer. This interview is also available, 6/25/13 at: Don Lipstein continues his connection with this humble radio program and has moved on as a consultant, having founded a new firm, Imagine Family Recovery, which offers services to families who survive a loved one who dies by suicide after military service.

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Irvine City Council Transitioning to Districts – Your Definitive Guide

Finally, Irvine, the largest city in California to have at-large city council members, is transitioning toward creating distinct city council districts from which the candidates would run. The City will also add 2 seats to the City Council. Our guide to this process for the full hour is demographer Justin Levitt, retained by Irvine’s City Council. He lays out the process under way, wherein the City of Irvine is drawing these 6 council districts for the voters’ approval on the Spring 2024 Primary election ballot. The November 2024 general election vote would include voters in 4 of those districts. Residents of Irvine are welcome to participate in this process by spending time at:

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An Engineer and a Chemist Walk Up to the Energy Buffet

Taking the heat down a few notches are today’s guests: Mark Nelson, engineer and founder and managing director of Radiant Energy Group; and A. J. Shaka, UCI chemistry professor and director of the UCI Nuclear Reactor Facility. We go local and zoom out to international cases with their consideration of the viability of nuclear power in the energy mix, with the goal of reducing greenhouse gases overall. An extension of this interview is provided below.

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An Engineer and A Chemist Close this Round at the Buffet

This is the continuation of Mark and A.J.’s discussion of nuclear power, including an industrial application of a closed loop system.

Refinery Workers Amidst Fossil Fuel Conversions AND “avaaz” at the South Coast Rep

Virginia Parks, UCI professor of Urban Planning and Public Policy and director of UCI’s Labor Center, presents her recent findings on how the closure of a Marathon refinery affected its displaced workers; a story of the challenge in transitioning to renewable. The full report is available at the U.C. Berkeley Labor Center.

In the second segment (approx minute 36), we continue coverage of South Coast Rep after their completion of last week’s Pacific Playwrights Festival, with playwright and performer Michael Shayan. He brings phenomenal story-telling in his world premiere of avaaz, running now through May 27 at the Segerstrom Stage in Costa Mesa,

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OCCORD’s Grassroots Menu And South Coast Rep Celebrates 25th Annual Pacific Playwrights Festival

Back in full swing, in their new Santa Ana location, is Orange County Communities Organized for Responsible Development with a whole roster of community activation building leaders, supporting labor, and guiding prospective citizens – all this under the helm of their executive director Ely Flores. Find out what’s the next event on their roster at: or call 714-621-0919 et 6. The National Day of Action will be celebrated this week 5-4-23.

In the second segment (approx. minute 34:26) is Andy Knight, co-director of the South Coast Repertory’s 25th Annual Pacific Playwrights Festival, underway through May 7. SCR’s outsized role in dramatic arts comes through with this incubation of plays: from ideas to final production. Details about the May 5-7 events at the Segerstrom Center for the Performing Arts in Costa Mesa are available at:

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Families Forward Transitions Past the Pandemic AND Great American Write-In Reboots

Women For: Orange County Board member Felicity Figueroa muses with us about the much treasured, the annual Great American Write-In returning to the community after a three-year hiatus. The public is welcome to attend on May 6th 9:30 a.m. -1:30 p.m. at the Delhi Community Center at 505 East Central Ave. in Santa Ana. Reservations on evite are recommended:

In the second segment (approximately minute 26), Families Forward CEO Madelynn Hirneise returns with the challenges, changes, and expansions of their operations to serve families around Orange County. They are a part of “Help Them Home,” a giving day 24 hours with 25 non-profits, on April 26th, details:

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More Compassion More Choices AND “In the Green” at the Wayward

Stephanie Campbell and Susan Johnston, of Compassion and Choices, track CA and federal legislation and judicial rulings that affect bodily autonomy around needed end of life options. Details for following up with the rich trove of resources that their organization produces are available at: Also, we hear from Anna Miles, director of a Wayward Artist production entitled, “In the Green,” by playwright Grace McLean who hails from Santa Ana. The show opened last Friday and continues through April 30th. Stephanie Campbell and Susan Johnston active in Compassion and Choices and moving legislation in a and tracking rulings that affect bodily autonomy around needed end of life options.

In the second segment (aprox. minute 37:200), we hear from Anna Miles, director of a Wayward Artist production entitled, “In the Green,” by Grace McLean. The play runs from April 14-30th Th, Fri, Sat 7:30pm; Sundays at 2pm at the Grand Central Theater in the Grand Central Art Center 125 N Broadway, Santa Ana. More details are available at: Both segments have continuations, the recordings of which are archived on this same day.

Music credits: Chimora, “Africano Americano,” Sounds of Africa – album; Ahmad Jamal, “I Came to See You/You Were Not There,” Marseille – album; In the Green “Eve,” performed by Grace McLean at the Lincoln Center Theater.

Stephanie and Susan had more to say; in this extension they talk about the residential requirements for people to travel to other states for more end of life options than are available in the states where they reside.

In this extension, Anna had more to say about how “In the Green” performances are going so far. She lifts up the curtain a bit about the crew and the audience reception.

Public Goods and Liabilities on Irvine City Council Roster AND Are The Kids Alright?

Irvine Planning Commission Chairwoman Branda Lin, covers City Council items currently under consideration: the city’s proposed acquisition of the All American Asphalt plant, Live Nation’s amphitheater prospects, USA Water Polo, municipal districts, and more.

In the second segment (minute 36:30), Melyssa Zive offers insight about adolescent mental health in her capacity as Program Director for ROWI Teen & Parent Wellness Center recently opened in Tustin, California.

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Energy Choices Driving Climate in Irvine and Orange County

Ayn Craciun, Orange County Policy Advocate with the Climate Action Campaign brings you energy in three parts: the City of Irvine’s newly adopted electrification ordinance, the Climate Action plans, and the Orange County Power Authority.

Music credits: Chimora, “Africano Americano,” Sounds of Africa- album; Ann Callaway, “Thoughts and Prayers.”

ABT brings “Like Water for Chocolate” to Segerstrom Hall AND Sisters Ann and Liz Callaway Bring Song to the Samueli Theater

Today’s program is fine art all the way, offered locally. The first focus was on Susan Jaffe, who due to a string of technical calamities, was unable to speak on the program. Of interest was her career as premier dancer, choreographer, now the new artistic director of American Ballet Theater on the eve of the upcoming North American premiere of Like Water for Chocolate staged at Segerstrom Hall March 29 – April 2, the production of which is based on the novel by Laura Esquivel.

In the second segment (minute 10:54) we’re treated to Liz Callaway, who spoke about her shared career work with her sister Ann Callaway, both of whom will also be appearing this week at the Center, at the Samueli Theater, performing jazz on the theme “Broadway the CallaWay,” March 30, 31, and April 1. Details for both performance runs are available at:

Music credits: Chimora, “Africano Americano,” Sounds of Africa- album; Charles Lloyd, “La Llorona,” 8: Kindred Spirits – album; Ann Callaway, with the Ted Rosenthal Trio, “The Nearness of You,“ Jazz Goes to the Movies – album.″