Medical Aid In Dying – The State of The Union

Returning to the show, for the full hour, is Samantha Trad, the National Director of Advocacy for Compassion and Choices. Up the escalator are more states enacting laws granting end of life options or “medical aid in dying,” (MAID). Amidst this trend, boarding the downward escalator, are federal and state challenges to end these choices. In the background are Compassion and Choices’ findings that a majority across the political spectrum support MAID. More earnest questions about this last act we all have. Hop onto their website for all the resources to which she refers in this interview:

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“AI’s Hippocratic Oath” AND “War Up Close” VR Immersion of War in Ukraine

For the full hour is Chinmayi Sharma, assistant professor at Fordham University Law School. Think Cassandra for this time we are in, as she brings her not-so-modest proposal, “AI’s Hippocratic Oath.” Amidst the tech sector’s arms race to build these voracious artificial intelligence systems, she raises the specter of harm overtaking the common good. Professionalizing the AI engineers at the front end would do for the public, what licensing other professions has done for clients, patients, and communities. In the closing segment (approx. minute 46:15) is Mykola Omelchenko, Ukrainian filmmaker/photographer who’s presenting “War Up Close” showing Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine thru virtual reality this Friday, April 12 at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood Stand With Ukraine 11 am-6 pm this Friday. It’s free, visitors can sign up at:

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Solidarity and Coalitions AND Paula Tomei Takes a Bow After 44 years at SCR

Today our guests are Dr. Jordie Davies, Assistant Professor of Political Science at UCI, and an affiliate faculty member of the UCI Culture & Theory Ph.D. Program. Of particular interest is her work on “Solidarity Processes in Multi-Racial Coalitions.” An additional portion of this interview is available in Part 2 of this pod. In the segment (minute 35:50) is Paula Tomei, managing director of South Coast Repertory. She’s stepping down this August after a 44-year career, building a lot of things of local, regional, and national significance. It’s SCR’s 26th Pacific Playwright Festival May 3-5. Wrapping their season are the productions “Prelude to a Kiss, The Musical” and “Galilee, 34” which were previously showcased in earlier festivals.

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In this extended portion of Jordie Davies’ interview, we draw comparisons with Ukrainians coalescing in the Maidan Revolution in 2013-14 and American protest movements.

Voter Participation Gap AND “Grace Kelly With Strings: At The Movies”

We begin with Davin Phoenix, who talks about the voter participation gap opening up between Black and white voters, since the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on Shelby Co. v Holder. His very well received book, The Anger Gap; How Race Shapes Emotion in Politics anticipated this trend. He breaks it all down for us; his work along with the findings of the Brennan Center for Justice.

In the segment (approx minute 35:11), is Grace Kelly – alto saxophonist, singer, composer, arranger, and more, releasing her 15th album and latest project, “Grace Kelly with Strings: At The Movies.” This tribute to her sax hero Charlie Parker, features more than 16 films. Listeners will be able to find her recordings through PAZZ Productions,, or her live performances this Spring and Summer, including a Festival of the Arts gig in Laguna Beach July 13th.

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“A Foot Is Not A Fish” AND Backhausdance Returns to the Barclay

Logic for kiddos and dance are on today’s roster. We begin with former therapist now children’s book and memoir author Cornelia Maude Spelman. Her brand-new children’s non-fiction book, entitled A “Foot is Not a Fish,” published by Frederator Books, pairs rhymes with vivid illustrations, to help parents show their children that it is not hard to see what is true and what is not, a fitting starting point for talks about the elections.

In the second segment (approx. minute 26:15) is Jennifer Backhaus, founder, and artistic director of Backhausdance, a critically-acclaimed contemporary dance company, in advance of their March 27th, 8 p.m. Barclay performance in the middle of their 21st season. Ticket information is available: or call (949) 854-4646.

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The Voice of an Iranian-American Woman

Our guest for the full hour is Sudi Farokhnia, a local Risk and Audit professional and Co-founder of Iranian American Democrats of California. Speaking in her capacity as an activist, she has a full roster to cover today including: Iranian American political organizing in general; The Middle Eastern Northern African Inclusion Act, California AB 2763; the Temporary Family Visitation Act, HR 5155; and The Allyship Act, HR 6865; all this going into Ramadan and Nowruz. As spring has sprung, civics keeps up on this show.

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Ask A Voter Listens to Citizens on This Supah Tuesday

Welcome all to the CA Primary 2024 edition of “Ask A Voter,” continuing the tradition of asking guests to tell their voting story. Think Story Corps walking around the polling place. Today, on Super Tuesday our roster of voters include: Alex Denysov, Ukrainian-American actor, filmmaker, musician and songwriter based on Los Angeles (minute 1:48); Shawn Khalifa, UCI sociology major soon to complete his BA in UCI’s Underground Scholars program (minute 17:00); Paa-Kwesi Heto, international political economist, security analyst affiliated with both UCI and Soka University of America (25:12); Elizabeth Martin, retired Orange County attorney and contributor to Orange County Communities Organized for Responsible Development’s citizenship fair (minute 35:19) and finally KUCI radio trainee Matt Sereno (minute 44:33).

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Paa-Kwesi Heto had more to say, on the heels of the news about the U. S. Supreme Court rendering its decision about Donald Trump’s eligibility to appear on the Colorado primary ballot.

Meet CA State Senate 37th Dist Candidate Crystal Miles AND League of Women Voters’ Civics Toolkits

We are 1 week away from CA Primary Election Day, March 5th. On today’s roster is our last candidate: Crystal Miles, Villa Park City Council member, running as a Republican in the CA State Senate 37th District. Other candidates either did not reply, were unavailable for interview, have appeared in past election cycles, or are not actively campaigning.

In today’s second segment (approx. minute 27:15), we do one better with a heady discussion of civics. Taking that up is Linda Bytof, retired judge and currently the Chair of Youth Outreach Committee with the League of Women Voters, Alameda CA; and a member on the Alameda Co Office of Education Civics Advisory Committee.

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NOTE: Calling all “Ask A Voter” guests to reach the host to appear on the CA Primary show next week. We still have openings. As with election show, we want to hear your election story: about your first time you registered and why are you voting today.

Meet OC Board of Ed Area 3 Candidate Nancy Watkins AND CA 47th Congressional Dist. Candidate Max Ukropina

As our primary coverage continues, our first guest is Dr. Nancy Watkins, education professional and OC Board of Education candidate running for trustee in Area 3. This area includes: Fullerton, Brea, Placentia, Yorba Linda, Orange, Foothill Ranch, Villa Park, central and North Irvine, Portola Hills, Anaheim Hills, portions of Lake Forest and Tustin. This is 3 of 5 trustee races that are on the CA Primary ballot. In the second segment (approx. minute 32:59) is financial technology entrepreneur Max Ukropina, who is running as a Republican in CA 47th Congressional District. This district includes: Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Newport, and Seal Beach, and portions of Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, and Laguna Woods.

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Meet CA Senate Dist. 37 Candidates: Alex Mohajer and Guy Selleck

We are 3 weeks out from CA Primary Election Day, March 5th. Our vote-by-mail ballots are delivered; on Feb. 24th select vote centers will open, 25 with a drive through ballot drop off. The Registrar of Voters office will be open for the entire voting period. Information is available at: . AAL continues coverage of the primary; on today’s roster are 2 State Senator candidates running in the 37th District: First is Alex Mohajer, Democrat and LA County Civil Service Advocate/Employee Relations Representative. In the second segment (approx. minute 28:40) is Guy Selleck, Republican and founder/CEO/principal of BuildersMax Inc. and G.E.M. Investment Properties.

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