Black Nonbelievers

For the full hour is Mandisa Thomas founder and president of Black Nonbelievers Inc.(, a fitting spiritual take around the celebration of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. After recently stopping by the Humanist Association of Orange County, she offers atheists, secularists, and humanists a home on this community radio platform.

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January 6th: Before, During, After

Charting where we are as a nation in 1/4/22, is UCI Sociology Professor David Meyer. With his interests in social movements, political sociology, and public policy, he’s our guy to break it all down, one year after the insurrection in our nation’s Capitol.

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Esteemed and Essential Workers

This January 3, 2022 edition, is the final edition of “Digging Out.” This program was launched in October 2020, to offer means for getting us past the general election November 3, 2020. Then we needed to get past 1/6/21. So much debris to clear from what were the last 4 hours, 4 days, 4 weeks, 4 years, 4 centuries. The most vast piles were heaped over several millennia. This program closes out appropriately with the last guest, Terri Gerstein, director of the State and Local Enforcement Project at the Harvard Law School, Labor and Worklife Program and a senior fellow at the Economic Policy Institute. She writes, researches, and advocates about the “powerful connection between work life and broader public welfare.” The leaping off point is the editorial she penned in the New York Times: “Other People’s Rotten Jobs Are Bad For Them. And Bad for You,” Another article also raised in the interview is penned by Heather Rust:

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Strolling Along Newport’s Wild Side AND The Biehl Family’s Connections with Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Nathan Taxel, Orange County Parks resource specialist and interpreter at the Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve, (, leads us around this special habitat, stirring our holiday souls with the wonders of nature.

In the second segment (minute 42:05), Linda Biehl, co-founder of the Amy Biehl Foundation, returns to the show to reflect on her family’s connections with the late and great Archbishop Desmund Tutu.

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Art and Entertainment in the Age of COVID

Richard Chang, Arts and Culture senior editor at the Voice of OC, lecturer in journalism, and former KUCI DJ, offers a cultural map of opportunities and workarounds during the pandemic and a look beyond. This is the second to last edition of “Digging Out.”

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Keeping and Visiting Sacred Places AND CA End of Life Option Act 2021

Returning to the show is Rebecca Robles, Acjachemen tribal member, culture bearer and activist, fielding queries about: whether during this season she feels heard more than in a long while; what does a land acknowledgement do in the better sense; and how whole is the Puvungna sacred site on the Cal. State Long Beach University campus? December 3rd at 3:00 p.m. PT, will be the Putuidem opening in San Juan Capistrano to which the public is invited: The extended version of this interview will include her takes on the how the Biden Cabinet level leaders are advancing Native Peoples and more.

In the second segment (minute 30:14), another member of the Compassion and Choices crew appears on this show. Christine Goodwin, a regional advocacy manager at Compassion and Choices, takes stock of SB 380 – the improvement and extension of the CA End of Life Option Act. The 2015 law is hereby extended through 2032.

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Familia Meños Sets Our Tables

Setting the table for this Thanksgiving program is the Buenrostro/Flores/Delgado family of the Meños Organic Farm: Manuel Buenrostro and Lupe Flores; their children Nelly Buenrostro, Luis Buenrostro, Ismelda Buenrostro; and their niece Jackie Delgado. Joining them later (minute 39:21) is family friend and farm employee, Miguel Esquivel. Their Riverside farm, in operation for over 12 years, is institutionalized at the local farmers markets, including the one nearest to the KUCI station at Mariners’ Church parking lot, Saturday mornings.

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OC Board of Supervisors Draws Our Lines AND Sunrise Irvine Speaks Truth to OC Power Authority

In the first segment Orange County Supervisor for the Second District, Katrina Foley, offers important details about the Orange County Board of Supervisors’ redistricting process underway, in advance of the OC Board of Supervisor hearing on these maps today 11/22 at 1 p.m. All districts, including the one into which Irvine would be drawn, are affected in this mapping exercise. In the second segment (minute 32:07), UCI Earth System Science undergraduate student Dinorah Hernandez will speak for the local Sunrise activists who will rally at the Irvine City Hall 11/23 meeting about how the Orange County Power Authority figures into the energy mix in the Climate Action municipal projects. More information is available by contacting Contact Kyler Chin 949 469 9476 or

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CA Draws The Lines AND COP26 Takes

We start with latest draft maps of Congressional, State Senate, State Assembly Districts with Commissioner Linda Akutagawa, of the CA Citizens Redistricting Commission. The nuances are as abundant as are the final days of deliberation. If you don’t know your legislative district maps…. you’re missing out: In the second segment (minute 32:00), Shahir Masri air quality researcher, author and climate change activist; offers perspective about what was achieved or not achieved at COP26 in Glasgow these last several weeks.

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“Office” as an Object Lesson AND Wayward Artists Go Live

In the first segment Edith Wharton scholar Sheila Liming, brings her new book Office in the Bloomsbury published series Object Lessons. Like a Renaissance woman, she takes the longest view, over the centuries, of that vaunted structure known as the office, in a humanities lesson that breaks humanities lessons.

In the second segment (minute 33:36), Craig Tyrl artistic director at the Wayward Artist returns to the show, bringing his latest production that he himself is directing, “The Nether”, written by Jennifer Haley. The show runs from November 12-21st, at the Grand Central Art Center, 124 N Broadway in Santa Ana. Craig will also commemorate the Orange County Theater Guild Awards during a very different kind of year.

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