“The Problem of Alzheimer’s”

Returning to the show is Dr. Jason Karlawish, professor of medicine, medical ethics, health policy, and neurology at the University of Pennsylvania, and co- director of the Penn Memory Center. He brings his newly released book, “The Problem of Alzheimer’s; How Science, Culture, and Politics Turned A Rare Disease into a Crisis and What We Can Do About It.” It is a history, a manual, a call to action, and potential for a play; all in one book.
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Hail To The 46th Chief AND More Irvine Watchdog Considerations

UCI political science professor, Matthew Beckmann weighs in with our ritual examination a new presidency, at the first 100 days of the administration. Tune in for what hasn’t already been said.

In the second segment (minute 37:02) Branda Lin, co-founder of Irvine Watchdog, returns to raise locals’ civic game with more delicate issues. This time it is the recent City Council resolution on anti-Asian hate and the Council’s proposals toward expending $53 million from the American Rescue Plan Act. If you are an Irvine resident, you can still weigh in . . . https://www.cityofirvine.org/city-council or https://irvinewatchdog.org.

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“Twenty Million Angry Men”

James Binnall – Professor of Law, Criminology, and Criminal Justice at Cal. State University Long Beach, reframes former felons as a legitimate talent pool for jury duty – only it’s not possible in most states. His decade of research, builds on a personal story, culminating in his new book, “Twenty Million Angry Men; The Case for Including Convicted Felons in Our Jury System,” published by the University of CA Press.
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CA Democratic Party Chair Race Part 2 AND Irvine Watchdog Part 2

In the first segment we hear from Rusty Hicks, now running for re-election to a 4 year term of the CA Democratic Party Chair. He reflects compares elections in 2018 and 2020 as he prepares 2022 campaigns, with special consideration to the Orange County Congressional Delegation. Voting continues; delegates will finish voting on all statewide Democratic Party offices by 4/21/21.  

In the second segment (minute 29:30) is Branda Lin, co-founder of Irvine Watchdog resuming our interview on last week’s show, going deeper into the weeds about the Great Park, the American Asphalt Co., and the Irvine City Council.  

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DIGGING OUT: If Ms. Smith Went to Washington …..

Former Assemblywoman and current Delta Stewardship Council member, Representative Christy Smith, who’s close general election loss last year, really does meet this show’s theme. The connection, listeners – it will be apparent.
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CA Democratic Party Chair Race Part 1 And Irvine Watchdog Part 1

In the first segment we hear from Delaine Eastin – former CA State Superintendent of Education, Assemblywoman, and local government official – now running for the next 4 year term of the CA Democratic Party Chair, challenging current Chair Rusty Hicks. Rusty Hicks will be on next week’s Ask A Leader. Voting is underway; delegates will finish voting by 4/21/21.

In the second segment (minute 31:41), is Branda Lin, co-founder of Irvine Watchdog holding Irvine elected and appointed officials accountable. Branda Lin will appear in next week’s show to go deeper into the weeds about the Great Park, the American Asphalt Co., and the Irvine City Council.

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DIGGING OUT: Root Causes of Uprooting

Silvio Carrillo – journalist, activist, and artist offers what keeps getting missed in mainstream coverage: a nuanced perspective of the motivations for Central American refugees to flee dangerous conditions. Silvio speaks as the California director of Berta Cáceres.org; the late activist, his aunt, who championed indigenous claims to resources in Honduras. Listeners can dig out by contacting their federal representatives in support of HR1574 and S388.

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A Chaplain In A Pandemic

Reverend and Chaplain William Summerville, for the full hour, offers his very intersectional work in LA and Orange Counties, as he ministers to patients and their loved ones, during the COVID pandemic.   

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In California, Toward a More Perfect Redistricting

California Citizens Redistricting Commissioners: Linda Akutagawa, (Huntington Beach – No Party Preference) and Trena Turner (Stockton – Democrat) talk to us today about – how they’re getting along, getting it all done, AND how CA constituents with an independent commission tasked with district mapping, have ONE less thing to fret about. The Commission continues to hold meetings, including this week, for constituents to bring their geographic and demographic stories for consideration in drawing state and federal legislative district maps. Suggestions for adding meetings are also welcome. Follow and contribute to these developments: https://www.wedrawthelinesca.org.
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Prison Pandemic Voices

Keramet Reiter, UCI professor of Criminology, Law and Society, UCI School of Law, and director of Lifted, the prison education program in the UC system, brings a crowbar with her latest program that she’s building with colleagues and a crew of graduate and undergraduate students. Prison Pandemic, “Stories from the Inside,” is an ongoing project compiling voices of and about incarcerated people in California. Listening to her interview is the first way to engage. Other ways include: following @uciprisonpndmic and Prisonpandemic.uci.edu, or writing: Prison Pandemic/PO Box 4430/Sunland, CA 91041.

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