Our Neighbors and Families Forward AND A Special 2024 Commencement Exercise

Returning to the show are both guests. Madelynn Hirneise, CEO of Families Forward, speaks about her organization’s current efforts – before the holidays, well before chestnuts start roasting on the winter open fire. Housing is top of mind. She invites prospective volunteers to call 949-552-272 7 or check out: https://www.families-forward.org/volunteer-opportunities/.

In the second segment (minute 39:27), “AAL” resumes the annual tradition of having a graduating senior from the KUCI staff take stock of their UCI years; Kalisee Ajlouny takes the Class of 2024 out this year, the class that took a lot of public health and political lumps. Hit it Maestro Elgar!

Music credits: Chimora, “Africano Americano,” Sounds of Africa – album; A. Ray Fuller, “Work To Do,” The Weeper – album; Blue Claw Philharmonic, “Pomp & Circumstance,” Hip Hop Remix.