Irvine Public Schools Foundation Today AND Art Art and Away

Neda Zaengle, CEO of the Irvine Public Schools Foundation, talks about the charter of her organization both in budgetary and programmatic terms. Upcoming dates and deadlines to follow on the Foundation’s website, , include registration for the summer enrichment academy; the Don Bren Honors concert; and the Laguna Beach million dollar home raffle. The second half of the program showcases the art presented around John Wayne Airport under the watchful and seasoned eye of Jeffrey Frisch, curator/coordinator of the Airport Arts Program. Also a working studio artist, Jeff leads an audio tour of the work currently exhibited around the airport, including the new installation in the walkway toward the recently completed Terminal C entitled, “Flight of Ideas.” Deadlines and other information about art submissions are available on   Irvine Public Schools Foundation Today AND Art Art and Away

Gayz and Boyz Scouts of America AND WORD Mobilizes on Multiple Fronts

Former Boy Scout and current Gay Activist, Archer Alstaetter considers how his experience in scouting has figured into all of his professional and general life’s undertakings, amidst the Boy Scouts of America surveying members about including gays in the organization. Archer’s latest enterprise, establishing an eco destination resort (La Luisa) in a community outside of Armenia, Colombia, is yet another place where his scouting skills have been put to the test. archerboinkevents on Facebook allows listeners to follow his many projects at all points between Santa Ana, CA and La Luisa, Colombia. Next, Danielle Norwood, organizer for Women Organized To Defend and Resist (WORD) addresses how this new organization mobilizes to address the back-sliding of women’s rights and issues in the U.S. This program considers the recent Arkansas and North Dakota legislative actions to ban abortions at 12 weeks and 6 weeks respectively. Information about WORD’s website: post listeners on upcoming events and activities. Other announcements on today’s show: Another occasion will be presented by former guest Dania Akhouli; on 3/24 from 5-8 p.m., “A Country Called Syria,” at the Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living, call (714)308-6060 for more information. Former guest and journalist, and current Director for Communications at JStreet, Alan Elsner will be tracking Obama’s trip to Israel this week on postings.Gayz and Boyz Scouts of America AND WORD Mobilizes on Multiple Fronts

Nerds Meet Up! AND GOP Turns Off?

Katie Ingmire, creator and lead organizer of OC Young, Fun, and Nerdy meetup; offers a robust list of choices for folks relegated to fringes of the mainstream social slipstream. Activities abound for those 20-30 somethings affiliated with this group established in December 2008. Next, David Meyer, UCI professor with particular interests in social movements, returns to the show to take the pulse of the GOP on local, state, and national levels; following the 2012 elections. HIs blog is another means for following his commentary.Nerds Meet Up! AND GOP Turns Off?

Laura’s Law Legislative Activity AND “Asking For A Child” in Post War Northern Vietnam

Carla Jacobs: Mental Health advocate; co-chair of the Lanterman, Petris, Short Act; and board member of the national Treatment Advocacy Center returns to AAL for updates on both Prop 63 (Mental Health Services Act-MHSA) and Laura’s Law in California. SB 664, SB 585, AB 1265 AB 1367 all are worthy bills for constituents to contact their representatives to support. Information on more developments is available at The tip line for MHSA expenditure abuses is 916-445-0255 x446. Harriet Phinney, Seattle University Professor of Anthropology talks about her research on women in Northern Vietnam who took up reproduction on their own terms. ” Reconfiguring Reproductive Space, Asking for A Child,” is one of her extensive publications. The path of her research was guided by the locals in that Vietnamese region, who considered the particular and pragmatic circumstances pertaining to the “xin con” phenomenon worthy of her investigation.    Laura’s Law Legislative Activity AND Asking For A Child in Post War Northern Vietnam