“In Search of the Third Feather of Simurgh: Contagious Dictatorship and Fragile Democracy”

My guest for the full the hour is mixed media artist Soheila Siadate, with an extraordinary solo exhibition at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art in Santa Ana, “In Search of the Third Feather of Simurgh: Contagious Dictatorship and Fragile Democracy” on view now through 4/26th. Details are available at: https://www.occca.org/EXHIBITIONS.html. This is her most expansive exhibit yet. On the radio: she leads us through layers of culture, history, and the special media with which she works. On your visit: the hours are Mon-Thursday by appointment only; open Friday-Saturday noon to 5 p.m., 117 North Sycamore St., downtown Santa Ana at the corner of 2nd and Sycamore.

Music credits: Chimora, “Africano Americano,” Sounds of Africa – album; and Hossein Omoumi and Madjid Khaladj, “Tasnif.” 


Medical Aid In Dying – The State of The Union

Returning to the show, for the full hour, is Samantha Trad, the National Director of Advocacy for Compassion and Choices. Up the escalator are more states enacting laws granting end of life options or “medical aid in dying,” (MAID). Amidst this trend, boarding the downward escalator, are federal and state challenges to end these choices. In the background are Compassion and Choices’ findings that a majority across the political spectrum support MAID. More earnest questions about this last act we all have. Hop onto their website for all the resources to which she refers in this interview: https://www.compassionandchoices.org/.

Music credits: Chimora, “Africano Americano,” Sounds of Africa – album; and Leonard Bernstein conducting, Debussy’s “Nocturnes,” A Total Embrace of the Conductor – album.


“AI’s Hippocratic Oath” AND “War Up Close” VR Immersion of War in Ukraine

For the full hour is Chinmayi Sharma, assistant professor at Fordham University Law School. Think Cassandra for this time we are in, as she brings her not-so-modest proposal, “AI’s Hippocratic Oath.” Amidst the tech sector’s arms race to build these voracious artificial intelligence systems, she raises the specter of harm overtaking the common good. Professionalizing the AI engineers at the front end would do for the public, what licensing other professions has done for clients, patients, and communities. In the closing segment (approx. minute 46:15) is Mykola Omelchenko, Ukrainian filmmaker/photographer who’s presenting “War Up Close” showing Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine thru virtual reality this Friday, April 12 at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood Stand With Ukraine 11 am-6 pm this Friday. It’s free, visitors can sign up at: https://war.city/upcoming/.

Music credits: Chimora, “Africano Americano,” Sounds of Africa – album; Claraguilar, “Invisible Orchestra,” Figura – album; Vsevolod Zaderatsky’s Preludes and Fugues, performed by Jascha Nemtsov.


Solidarity and Coalitions AND Paula Tomei Takes a Bow After 44 years at SCR

Today our guests are Dr. Jordie Davies, Assistant Professor of Political Science at UCI, and an affiliate faculty member of the UCI Culture & Theory Ph.D. Program. Of particular interest is her work on “Solidarity Processes in Multi-Racial Coalitions.” An additional portion of this interview is available in Part 2 of this pod. In the segment (minute 35:50) is Paula Tomei, managing director of South Coast Repertory. She’s stepping down this August after a 44-year career, building a lot of things of local, regional, and national significance. It’s SCR’s 26th Pacific Playwright Festival May 3-5. Wrapping their season are the productions “Prelude to a Kiss, The Musical” and “Galilee, 34” which were previously showcased in earlier festivals.

Music credits: Chimora, “Africano Americano,” Sounds of Africa – album; Casey Benjamin, “Your Recipe,” performed At Clement’s Place; “Ponteio,” Peppino D’Agostino, single.


In this extended portion of Jordie Davies’ interview, we draw comparisons with Ukrainians coalescing in the Maidan Revolution in 2013-14 and American protest movements. http://www.kuci.org/podcastfiles/984/DaviesExt4-2-24.mp3