COVID-19: In Medical and in Psycho-social Terms

In what we all know to be a highly fluid and changeable situation, we cover the medical and psychological aspects of COVID-19, at this particular moment.  First we hear from Dr. Michele Cheung pediatric epidemiologist at the O C Health Agency who speaks to the medical issues.   Ongoing updates at the OCHA are available at:800-564-8448 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. or
1) To apply for Medi-Cal and CalWORKs benefits, review your case information, request a replacement benefits card and submit verifications, please visit  or call SSA’s Service Center at (800) 281-9799
2) To apply for CalFresh benefits, review case information and submit verifications, please visit
3)To apply for General Relief benefits or for continuing case information, please call (800) 281-9799 or you can fax an application to (714) 825-3155 or the Center for Disease Control at:
4)To apply for In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) or for questions related to ongoing IHSS cases, call (714) 825-3000.
In the second segment (minute 28:09) Professor Roxane Silver, of UCI’s Department of Psychological Science, Department of Medicine, and Program in Public Health, returns to the program to take up the psycho-social aspects.

U C Students Mobilize for COLA AND “Living Out” at Robert Cohen Theater

Returning to Ask A Leader is UCI Lecturer and labor organizer Keith Danner, to take up the mobilizing of UC system academic student employees to keep up with their living costs while they serve students.  He also has some insight on how his own peers have stakes in the breaking health and economic developments.

In the second half (minute 24:11), UCI Claire Trevor School of the Arts director Jane Page, and actors: Ariella Kvashny and Crystal Kim are involved in a wonderful production of Lisa Loomer’s comic drama “Living Out.”  Performances continue through March 15th, tickets are available at the box office, (949) 824-2787 or
 And yes, the program’s definitely got a through line  – the haves and the have nots; a bit more not having than having.

Ask A Voter California Primary 2020

Welcome to the CA Primary 2020 edition of “Ask A Voter.” This is an historic three month adjustment to CA’s primary with lots on our ballot besides presidential candidates. Factoids galore: CA has 415 delegates for the Democratic presidential nomination. The races within OC, many of which we covered right here, include: OC Brd of Supervisors Dists 1 & 3; House of Representatives Districts 38, 39, 45, 47, 48, and 49; State Senate Districts. 29 & 37; State Assembly Districts 68, 69, 72, 73, & 74; OC Board of Education Areas 1, 3, & 4. Today’s show we’re all over the political spectrum, folks with history, intention, and ideas for our deliberation: Laiseng Saechao – Asian Pacific Environmental Network Political Director and She The People affiliate; Alan Beek – Retired computer designer/Nixon campaigner/current Radio KPFK board member (minute 13:00); Alex Loniak – Orange Coast College President of Young Republicans (unfortunate no-show); Sophie Prettyman-Beauchamp (filmmaker) & Angelica Sheen (AWS Cloud Management employee) – Radio KUCI DJ’s and UCI graduates (minute 20:16); and Randy Lioz – Better Angels CA Director (minute 34:04). Once your ballots are submitted you can camp out on the following websites:, and