Public Health During Wartime AND Irvine’s Newest Council Member Weighs In

Following Memorial Day, we explore with Pauline Lubens, Ph.D. candidate at U.C.I.’s Dept. of Public Health, her work dealing with the ravages of war on public health and the design of her dissertation studying grief among combat veterans who have lost friends with whom they have served. We hope to have her return to the program when her findings have been published.

During the second segment (minute 29:30), Irvine City Council Member Melissa Fox, elected to office last November, returns to the show to take us behind the scenes as she fields questions about a plethora of official municipal and regional duties.  The Great Park was the main focus.

Earlier Presidential Primaries in California’s Future AND What the Prochlorococcus?

While California considers different ways to lead nationally, State Assembly Speaker pro Tem Kevin Mullin (D-San Mateo), adroitly working both sides of the aisle, posts us on AB 84, which would move California’s presidential primary from June to March. SB 568 is a similar measure moving through the State Senate.  Each chamber is considering the other chamber’s bill before submitting legislation for Governor Brown’s signature.

In the second segment (min 29:10), UCI earth system scientist and microbiologist Adam Martiny presents his research pertaining to marine bacteria and how it relates to global climate change. He also speaks in advance of moderating a panel at conference hosted this week at UCI, “Headwaters to Ocean.” Budding scientists are welcome to check out research opportunities at the Martiny Lab,

Americans United Outside Your Classroom AND Members of Congress, Your UCI Student Delegation is Here to See You

Richard Gillock, co-founder of the local chapter of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State makes the distinction between “religious freedom” and the 1st Amendment in today’s classrooms and places of worship. He appears in advance of the local chapter’s monthly meeting held 5/20 at the Irvine Ranch Water District meeting facility, at 15500 Sand Canyon Drive in Irvine. Doors open at 1:15 p.m. and program begins at 1:45. More details are available at

In the second segment (min 23:12), Steven Allison, UCI earth system scientist, breathlessly offers his insights on: federal funding of science, the recent firing of several EPA advisory board scientists, the uncertainty of the US role in the latest UN climate agreements, as well as his students’ and his involvement in the political process. He presents colleagues throughout “the academy,” a playbook for engaging all students with their Members of Congress. Every and any kind of major has a piece of the action.

Dr. Goonesinghe’s Prescription for a More Perfect Union

Iresha Goonesinghe, MD FACP FACC MACPE, a cardiologist practicing in Ridgecrest, CA (Kern County), has been taking the pulse of her patients regarding how the current political climate has been affecting their health, deep in Trump County. With lessons to be learned on both sides of the political divide, her learned insights might possibly Make Americans’ Vital Signs Great Again. Her conversations continue on her two blogs: and

Reza Aslan Visits Inclusion U AND 45’s 103rd Day AND Coup de Comedy’s 5th Annual

Reza Aslan, an internationally renowned religion writer and scholar, speaks today 5/2, at the Barclay about Islamophobia. Douglas Haynes, UCI Professor of History and Provost for Academic Equity, Diversity & Inclusion covers his organization’s goals and how Aslan will addresses them. The talk will be at 6-7:30 p.m., followed by a book signing. Information about reservations (still available at this writing) is available at:

Next (minute 17:00), Matthew Beckmann, UCI scholar on the American presidency considers 45’s 103 days in office. He has much to say about what has not already been said.  Among other pending business is whether the presidential Daily Diary, maintained since JFK, is in existence during the current administration.

The last guests (minute 41:36), Joel Veenstra of UCI’s Clare Trevor School of the Arts and Theresa Robbins Dudeck Chapman University Theater professor, present their super-charged program Coup de Comedy here at UCI and Chapman University May 10-13. Details for associated workshops and performances are available at: