Shyima: Hidden Now Healing AND UCI Summer Specials

Shyima Hall, the Egyptian woman, who in 2002, nearly 13 years old, was rescued from her enslavement here in Irvine, talks about her saga in her new book “Hidden Girl; The True Story of a Modern Day Child Slave,” published by Simon and Schuster. Only 2 % of enslaved, trafficked individuals are ever rescued. Shyima offers how to discern these individuals, and notes how agencies are now better prepared to intervene in the rescue and healing efforts. The second guest is Gary W. Matkin, Dean of Continuing Education, Distance Learning and Summer Session covers a host of summer courses to equip aspiring, new, and returning students for success in university life. Information on these programs is available at, 949-824-7649, or the following specific websites: HIgh School Scholars Program: University Summer Success 101 Online: Freshman Freshstart Program: STEM International Preparation:

Shyima: Hidden, Now Healing AND UCI Summer Specials

As You Like, Canjun Style AND Cleaning Up After Earth Day

Jane Page, UCI School of the Arts professor/director and leading lady/MFA student Rosemary Brownlow, talk in advance of their 4/26 opening night of As You Like It. They entice us with how the Shakespearean play is set this time in New Orleans and surrounding Cajun Country. It will be performed evenings: 4/26, 27, 29, 30, 5/1, 2; and matinees on 4/27, 5/3, 4 – inside a portion of the New Swan Theater set inside the Robert Cohen Theater at UCI. Box office is at 949-824-2787 or Returning to the show, is feature writer Susan Carpenter, now with the OC Register and the recently launched LA Register, riffing with the host about daily habits that could be adapted as a regular observance of Earth Day. Don’t just listen to these ideas; we value your ideas even more!  Susan’s bylines can be followed on and

As You Like It AND Earth Day

Ethics of Food AND “Drawing Autism”

UCI lecturer Daniel Pilchman covers what he taught last winter quarter in his “Ethics of Food” course, with students Julie Fong and Jordan Pittman. The course culminated in students’ research at the nearby Irvine Farmers’ Market.

Jill Mullin, a New York City-based behavior analyst, and recipient of the inaugural Felix in Art Award, presented by Extreme Kids & Crew! presents her recently published, “Drawing Autism.” This book provides artists on the autistic spectrum a platform for their work, as well as insight into the artists’ perspective. This publication is available at

 Ethics of Food AND “Drawing Autism”

Your California Climate Credit AND Rubio Presents “SPATIA”

On the heels of the International Panel on Climate Change’s latest report, Alex Jackson, attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council focuses on implementing California’s Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB32). The California Climate Credit Program recently launched will provide utilities with incentives to lower their carbon emissions while providing rate-payers credits on their April and November energy bills.  More information is available at; more information on regional and national initiatives at

Composer/percussionist/multi-media artist Juan David Rubio, along with crew members Elizabeth Erickson and Anna Savery, lays out what audiences in Irvine and Bogota, Columbia are in for with his production, “Spatia.”  This UCI Masters of Fine Arts project of Juan’s takes place on 4/4/14 at 6:30 pm at the School of the Arts’ Contemporary Arts Center, Experimental Media Performance Lab. The event is free and open to the public.

California Climate Credit AND Rubio Presents “SPATIA”