Disparities, Zipcodes, Pandemics in STEM and Urban Planning

We follow Danielle Watt from her stellar STEM outreach work at UCI physical sciences to the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. While continuing to say lots about how zip codes matter, she’s got news from her own zip code which has seen a lot this last month. In the second segment (min 30:40), UCI Urban professor Scott Bollens also returns to the show. He examines the manner in which urban planning education and practice bakes into the system considerable inequalities.
Each of these interviews has extended portions available in separate podcasts. http://www.kuci.org/podcastfiles/984/WattBollensPod16-30-20.mp3

10th Anniversary Show: Kathleen Treseder interview continued

Kathleen Treseder takes up the new trajectories that her Treseder Lab researchers are taking up in the age of COVID, and how her lab is able to manage during a lockdown. Professor Treseder also talks about additional civic pursuits. She posts us on all of this in her continuation of this interview. http://www.kuci.org/podcastfiles/984/TresederPod26-23-20.mp3

10th Anniversary Show: Archer Altstaetter interview continued

Archer Altstaetter had a whole lot more to say that we simply could not fit into the original broadcast. He said even more after we recorded, about having become a gay activist elder. Unpacking that on a later interview, will be our essential starting point, when a documentary about his return to his Ohio village will be released, “Hometown Proud.” NOTE: This film is now available on demand during Its Orange County premiere with the OC Film Fiesta, which just began on Oct. 15 and runs through Oct. 25th: https://ocfilmfiesta.eventive.org/films/5f6bb69b5b87080095f19338. 


Ask A Leader Celebrates Our 10 Year Anniversary

It’s the 10th anniversary of “Ask A Leader.” On today’s program I take stock with and have the pleasure of bringing to you: KUCI Station Manager Kevin Stockdale (minute 2:04), Activist/Producer/Performer Archer Altstaetter (minute 9:55), UCI scientist Kathleen Treseder (minute 25:02), and UCI Claire Trevor School of the Arts theater director Jane Page (minute 0:39). The extentions of both Archer Altstaetter’s and Kathleen Treseder’s interviews will be available soon in separate posts on this same day for this podcast. http://www.kuci.org/podcastfiles/984/AnniversaryShow6-23-20.mp3

“The Power Worshippers”

For the full hour we hear from author Katherine Stewart, about her new book, “The Power Worshippers; Inside the Dangerous Rise of Religious Nationalism,” a definitive analysis of the vast infrastructure of Christian nationalism. Ms. Stewart is the featured speaker of a forum presented by Women For: OC June 20th at 2 pm PDT. Details pertaining to that forum are available by reaching the show host at: cshambaugh@kuci.org. The extended portion of this interview is available on this website askleader.com.http://www.kuci.org/podcastfiles/984/StewartShow6-16-20.mp3

Moore Where She Comes From AND Teaching in the Age of COVID

KUCI’s very own program director and graduating senior, Claire Moore, takes stock of life up til now, then delivers her particular commencement address. Congratulations to Claire and to everyone in the Class of 2020.

In the second segment (minute 18:52), we hear from two Santiago High School teachers approaching their finish line for the school year of 2019-20 in the Garden Grove District: Teri Osborne and Cheryl Garcia.