From Subjugation to the Sublime: Isolated Immigration Detainees AND The Medici Gems at Bowers Museum

Attorney Christina Fialho, co-founder/executive director of Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement ( CIVIC), talks about the increasing criminalization and isolation of immigration detainees in the US. She also distinguishes between the Senate and the US House of Representative versions of immigration legislation pending as the window of opportunity for meaningful reform closes prior to the 2014 elections. More information is available at:, and Art History scholar, Liliana Leopardi, currently at Hobarg and William Smith Colleges brings us behind the scenes during the last weeks of the Bowers Museum exhibition: Gems of the Medici. The exhibit, a rare opportunity to see this extensive collection in one place outside of Italy, closes on Sept 15th. The last free Sunday at the Bowers for this exhibit is 9/1/13. More information is available at: 714-567-3600 or

Subjugation to Sublime: Isolated Immigration Detainees AND The Medici Gems at Bowers

GOOD Is, Was, And Will Be AND World Spine Care

Casey Caplowe, co-founder and creative director of GOOD, during presents the work of 4 GOOD Fellows, the illustrious winners of the Global Neighborhood Challenge show-cased during this week’s LA celebration of pragmatic idealism and collective progress. Kurt Shaw from Brazil, Regina Agyare from Ghana, María Morfin from Mexico, Coralie Winn from New Zealand, and Bruce Good from South Africa; over the last decade have innovated creative and scalable projects that strengthen the social fabric of their communities. Together this week they interact with the good-deeds crowd around LA: Las Fotos, LA River Kayak Safari, 826LA, ELACC, Thank You For Coming, Walk [Your City], the Malibu Lagoon Restoration Project, the Santa Monica Farmers Market, CicLAvia, Homeboy Industries, Community Health Councils, Lot to Spot, the Watts House Project, Girls in Tech, Trekking LA and the Historic Downtown Los Angeles Business Improvement District. Information about the organization is available at and from the Good Magazine. Dr. Scott Haldeman, internationally acclaimed UCI physician, talks about his extensive research and outreach pertaining to the increasing pervasive burden of disease from neck and lower back pain. As chairman of World Spine Care, involved in the previous decade’s Bone and Joint Decade Initiative, Dr. Haldeman is developing a model of care for spinal health in rural Botswana, India, the Dominican Republic, and elsewhere. Dr. Haldeman cautions listeners about clinicians promising magical cures for neck and lower back pain. More information is available, The North American Spine Society, and The Journal of Neck Pain.

GOOD Is, Was, and Will Be AND World Spine Care

Good Deeds Go Punished AND Good Deeds in a Zipcode Adrift

Teresa Zerilli-Edelglass, in her literary debut, “Thrown Under the Bus, the Rise and Fall of an American Worker,” talks about how her work ethic collided with a good ol’ boys network at the NYC Transit Authority, resulting in sexual discrimination and harassment, and her go it alone approach to seeking justice. St. Stephen Baptist Church Reverend Anthony Dockery, along with Reverend Jaron Singley, Ms. June Davis, and Reverend Jose Rebus; talk about the host of services offered amidst a zipcode or two adrift in the La Puente area, 20 miles east of Los Angeles. A fundraiser in Newport Beach, benefitting the congregation’s Community Based Organization Servants Arms, will be a “Dinner Cruise Extravaganza” on Friday Sept. 6th at 2431 W. Pacific Coast Hwy. More information is available: Chandra Howden 626-377-5914 or 909-223-4718,

Good Deeds Go Punished AND Good Deeds in a Zipcode Adrift

Homophobia Claims Eric Lembembe and More

Reverend Canon Albert Ogle, President of the St. Paul Foundation for International Reconciliation; and Colin Steward, veteran journalist and blogger; address persistent homophobic policies and acts committed in Cameroon, Uganda, South Africa, and Russia, among other countries.  Of particular concern is the recent torture and killing of Eric Lembembe, the executive director of the Cameroonian Foundation for Aids (Camfaids), and contributor to 76 Crimes blog.  Ogle and Stewart also examine the extent to which Exodus International has retreated from its promotion of therapy for gays to convert to heterosexuality.These guests’ activism can be followed on the blog or the recently published, “From Wrongs to Gay Rights.”      Homophobia Claims Eric Lembembe and More