End Of Life Options In CA and Beyond

For the full hour, Kim Callinan – President and CEO of Compassion & Choices, and Matt Whitaker – National Director of Integrated Programs at Compassion & Choices talk about how proactive step-taking can benefit any of us, all of us, to make the end of life, our own. Of particular concern is mapping out preferences amidst dementia. We also hear about the progress being made on SB 380 that would renew and amend the End of Life Options Act in the state of CA during the current legislative session. Resources for getting your conversation started with your inner sanctum: https://www.compassionandchoices.org.
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Art Forms Tackle Human Detritus

It’s a double header: performance art and graphic art tackling the debris. In the first segment, Robin Frohardt presents her smart and creative installation “The Plastic Bag Store,” for an immersion in time and space to examine the persistence of………plastic. Her installation will run from 6/30-7/11/21 at the Downtown LA location of 661 Imperial St. More details are available at: https://cap.ucla.edu/landing/plastic_bag_store_installation.
In the second segment (minute 22:38), Robin Repp board member of the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art and juror Erika Hirugami keep the conversation going with the impact of the population on the planet presenting an ambitious, “The Anthropocene Epiphany: Art and Climate Change,” on exhibit from 7/3-8/21/21. Details for this installation are available at: https://www.occca.org/2021-07.html#gallery.
Music credits: The Comet is Coming, “New Age” Channel The Spirits; Freddi Price, “Helen Walk Work,” The Plastic Bag Store film; Illum Sphere, “Thousand Yard Stare,” Glass – album. http://www.kuci.org/podcastfiles/1682/FrohardtReppHirugamiPod6-28-21.mp3

Redistricting Commissioners Seeking Your Comments AND CA 45th Consituent Speaks Part 2

Returning from their March 23rd appearance on AAL are Commissioners: Linda Akutagawa of Huntington Beach and Trena Turner of Stockton, two of the fourteen CA Citizens Redistricting Commissioners, appointed last summer, now in full swing with their community outreach duties toward mapping both federal and state legislative districts throughout CA. https://www.wedrawthelinesca.org.
In the new segment, “Inside the 45th,” Irvine resident David Ehrlich offers his views as a constituent (minute 39:27). Listeners living in the 45th CA Congressional District, are encouraged to email the host, cshambaugh@kuci.org to appear on future shows in this weekly segment in the future.

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Critical Race Theory Unpackaged For Our Consideration

James Lamb – activist, 2020 UCI Law School graduate, and now a criminal defense law clerk, schools us in the best possible way about what Critical Race Theory is. Life from here forward, is on the test.


High Noon Is Below the Belt AND “Inside the 45th” No. 1

Alex Keena and Tony Smith, two of the political science signatories of the Statement of Concern, return to examine the considerable warning signals in states’ legislatures adoption of restrictive voting laws. In the second segment (minute 47:30) I’m launching the new segment of “Inside the 45th” with Kev Abazajian, UCI Professor of Physics and Astronomy and the Director of the Center for Cosmology. Listeners who would like to appear in this segment in the future can get on the schedule by reaching the host at: cshambaugh@kuci.org.
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Shareholders, Still Taking Stock, Part 2

Andrew Behar’s victory laps and sharp appraisals continue in this Part 2 of his interview. Check out the Proxies:https://www.asyousow.org/backstage-at-the-proxies for a good and enlightening time 6/24th 5-6 pm PT!
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Blue U AND Class of 2021

It’s an all Anteater show. First UCI professor Kathleen Treseder is preparing to be a city council candidate, this is now our third look under her hood of a formative career. In the second segment (minute 29:24), KUCI music director Kate Davidson will deliver AAL’s second annual Anteater commencement address and talk about her where business and radio background will be taking her.
Music credits: Greg Foat, “Symphonie Pacifique;” Volebeats, “Desert Song,” Solitude – album; Adam Patrick Jones performs, “Pomp and Circumstance”.


Shareholders Taking Stock Part 1

This time the debris has been piling up since the dawn of the Anthropocene, the industrial era. Andrew Behar, CEO of As You Sow, returns to do some victory laps over some breakthrough shareholder challenges to corporate leadership. These successes are attributable to an impressive legion of collaborators. This is Part One, next week, 6-14, will be the broadcast of Part Two.
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Forming Student Leaders in the OC

My guest for the full hour is Petra Davis-Johnson, Las Flores Middle School teacher, recently awarded the 2021 Nat’l Middle Level Student Council Warren E Shull Middle Level Adviser of the Year, by the National Student Council. Like all educators she has much to take stock of, maybe she has even a bit more.
Music credits: Greg Foat, “Symphonie Pacifique;” Jaga the Jazzist “The Shrine,” Pyramid – album.