Our Neighbors and Families Forward AND A Special 2024 Commencement Exercise

Returning to the show are both guests. Madelynn Hirneise, CEO of Families Forward, speaks about her organization’s current efforts – before the holidays, well before chestnuts start roasting on the winter open fire. Housing is top of mind. She invites prospective volunteers to call 949-552-272 7 or check out: https://www.families-forward.org/volunteer-opportunities/.

In the second segment (minute 39:27), “AAL” resumes the annual tradition of having a graduating senior from the KUCI staff take stock of their UCI years; Kalisee Ajlouny takes the Class of 2024 out this year, the class that took a lot of public health and political lumps. Hit it Maestro Elgar!

Music credits: Chimora, “Africano Americano,” Sounds of Africa – album; A. Ray Fuller, “Work To Do,” The Weeper – album; Blue Claw Philharmonic, “Pomp & Circumstance,” Hip Hop Remix.


Applying to Schools in the Post-Dobbs Era; Girls Just Wanna Have Health

Today our guests for the full hour are three young women applying to colleges and universities in what we’re referring to as the post “Dobbs” era, where abortion and reproductive healthcare are highly restricted if not effectively banned in seventeen states. Offering their personal reflections, choices, and experiences as higher education applicants in this moment are: University High School senior Camryn Cummings, applying to undergraduate programs; and UCI alumna Kimberly Martinez and UCI undergraduate Kalisse Ajlouny, both of whom are applying for advanced degrees.

Music credits: Chimora, “Africano Americano,” Sounds of Africa – album; Miki Yamanaka, “March,” 29 seconds in, Human Dust Suite – album.