Tai Chi To Her Rescue AND Welcome to University Hills

Cal State Fullerton philosophy professor JeeLoo Liu, accompanied by Tai chi Master Leu, offers a vigorous testimonial of how mastery of tai chi ended her severe back pain without surgery. More information about the non-profit association, Jin Pei Club (whose website is currently posted in Mandarin), is available by contacting Dr. Liu at jeelooliu@gmail.com. Classes are free to the public at Irvine’s community parks (Turtle Rock, Bill Barber and Northwood) on different days/times. Dr. Liu teaches in English on: Tuesday (TRCP) and Thursday evenings (BBCP) at 7-8:30pm and Saturday mornings (NCP) at 8-9:30am.

Then UCI senior lecturer Ken Chew talks about his research entitled, “America’s Smartest Neighborhood? A Demographer Explores University Hills, the Nation’s Largest On-Campus Faculty Housing Complex.” See his May lecture at: http://www.icha.uci.edu/Living/spot-light.php.

Shrinking The Electorate Through Intimidation AND Motor Inn Empties Tenants

UCI political scientist professor Davin Phoenix returns to take up voting right themes amidst some distressing drumbeats of voter intimidation, as the country’s general election this fall draws nearer and the racial divide opens wider.  The next classes that he will be teaching will be during the upcoming winter quarter.  Presumably he’ll offer some looks into the American political petri dish.

Over the second portion of the show, we check back with Kennedy Commission project manager Linda Tang on an update of the disappearing act of affordable housing stock in Costa Mesa; today a motel room, tomorrow a deluxe rental unit. More information is available at: http://www.kennedycommission.org/ or lindat@kennedycommission.org.

Future Chinese Leaders of America AND The Most Applied 17 Year Old We’ll Ever Know

Oliver Ma, formerly a University High School student now at UC Berkeley, is putting together “Future Chinese Leaders of America,” training young Chinese Americans in politics as well as informing the Chinese American community of the political issues it faces. City of Irvine Community Services Commissioner Melissa Fox accompanies Oliver as a mentor in his organizing.  Also contributing an enviable profile is Orange School of the Arts senior, Zena Meyer who’s building an impressive portfolio before she even completes high school. We look under the hoods of these two young models, just before they roll out to the fall quarter.

Talking End of Life With Our Loved Ones AND Making Friends with Brian Bress at OCMA

Chief Medical Officer of Medicare/Medicaid, Dr. Ashby Wolfe, covers comprehensively end of life issues as discussed between patient, care-providers, and families. Resources and assistance is available at:https://www.medicare.gov/.

Then we move on to our immediate cultural scene with Cassandra Coblentz, senior curator and director of engagement at Orange County Museum of Art, about the Brian Bress’ exhibit entitled, “Make Your Own Friends” – as well as some other offerings that might interest you. Step up to the plethora of offerings with their website as your guide: http://ocma.net/.

Tale of Two Pageants: The Republican and Democratic National Conventions

Michele Goodwin, UCI Chancellor’s Law Professor, as well as lecturer and blogger, speaks for the full hour. As a commentator, she recently covered the Democratic National Convention – a perfect platform from which to vault into the presidential political arena. We exam both the conventions and their respective party platforms.