State of the Art Autism AND Art for LGBTQ’s Sake AND Plein Air Canvas for a Cause

Heidi Campbell, founder and president of the non-profit ITT Autism and Dr. Howard Shane from Boston’s Childrens Hospital and Harvard Medical talk about their collaboration on breakthrough pedagogies for autistic students. They present on May 9th a special forum on this, from 7:00-8:30 pm at the Oasis Senior Center in Newport Beach, free to the public. Space is limited, so reservations are necessary. Information on booking this event is available More resources in general: , Families+SchoolsTogether, and Stephan Baxter organizer and co-curator presents an exhibit opening this week in Fullerton: “Art With An Agenda Presents Love. Sex. Unity. Respect. in Support of Marriage Equality and OC’s LGBTQ Community.” has all the information about this exhibit opening May4th and closing May 25th; located at 223/225 Sante Fe Street, due west of Fullerton’s Train Station. And lastly Rosemary Swimm, Ex. Dir. of Laguna Plein Air Painters Association posts us on the May 4th Canvas for a Cause silent auction at the Women’s Club of Laguna Beach from 5-8 pm; 286 St. Ann’s Drive. More information is available at  State of Art Autism AND Art for LGBTQ AND Plein Air Art

Fixing What Ails With California’s Registered Sex Offender Laws AND “The Visit,” a show not to miss at UCI

Attorney Janice Bellucci, President of the Board of Directors of California’s Chapter of the national organization Reform Sex Offender Laws talks about the non-profit engaged in restoring the civil rights of sex offenders through education, legislation, and litigation. AB 702, a bill currently under consideration in the CA Legislature, is worthy of public support as it creates a tier system for removing lower level offenders from the register, which is done in 46 other states in the Union. More information is available on the web at or (805)896-7854 The Claire Trevor Bren School of the Arts presents at UCI’s Little Theater, “The Visit,” written by Friedrich Durrenmatt and directed by UCI Professor Jane Page. Joining Jane in this interview is Drama Dept. Chair Gary Busby, as they talk about the preparation, and performance scheduled April 27, May 2,3,4 at 8 pm and April 28, May 4,5. Tickets are available by calling the Box Office at 949-824-2787 or online at’s Registered Sex Offender Laws AND “The Visit” at UCI

Emergency Preparation at UCI AND Coastal Zone 101: Beaches Move, Houses Don’t

Linda Bogue, Emergency Services Manager at UC Irvine’s main campus talks about preparedness for disasters from dormitory fires to earthquakes to San Onofre meltdowns, while covering yesterday’s attack at the Boston Marathon. Outlets for breaking developments at UCI include: Also Zot mail and OIT are sources. Next, Orrin Pilkey, Professor Emeritus of Earth Science at Duke University, talks about the pitfalls of challenging or forecasting the dynamics of beaches worldwide. His more than 250 publications are listed His latest editorial in the NYTimes published on 11/14/12, is “We Need to Retreat From the Beach.” He is currently working on a book entitled, “The Lost Beach.”Emergency Preparation at UCI AND Coastal Zone 101 Beaches Move!

Young Adult Cancer Patients Return To Normalcy AND Mining Tragedies Persist in Mexico

Returning to the show one year later are Becky Tejera and Natalie Burgess, to post listeners on the progress of their treatments for breast and colon cancer respectively. Natalie’s success was to be shared in the broadcast, but 5 1/2 month old Isabella slept through the interview! Napoleon Gomez Urrutia, General Secretary of Mexico’s National Union of Mine, Metal, and Steel Workers, speaks about the collusion between the government, business, and the media to discredit the Union as well as him. While living in exile in British Columbia these last 7 years, he’s completed a book that documents the victimization of a unified miners union, including “industrial homicide.” His book “The Collapse of Dignity, The Story of a Mining Tragedy and the Fight Against Greed and Corruption in Mexico,” can be purchased online at his website: Accolades go to his wife, Oralia Casso, who advances the cause and perseveres along with him while they remain in exile.       Young Adult Cancer Patients Return to Normalcy AND Mining Tragedies Persist in Mexico

Panning for EuroGold AND Looking Under the ASB Hood at Uni High

Professor David Pan, UCI German scholar and director of the Humanities Core Courses, talks about this year’s launching of the European Studies major. With the immersion in learning and living, this new program breathes deserved relevance back into the pursuit of German, Russian, French, and Italian languages and studies. More information is available at or 949-824-6406. David hosted at UCI the recent conference, “Visions of Europe.” At the end of 2014, he will present an international conference at UCI, “Europe and the World.” The second half showcases engaged students at nearby University HIgh School: recently elected ASB President Hunter Craft, ASB Vice-President Carli Jipson; as well as officers of the club “Peace of Mind,” Chiara Galassetti and Sarah Parniani. Hunter and Carli talk about the electoral process with special vetting, distinguishing it from many high schools near and far. Chiara and Sarah’s work is culminating in a fundraiser hosted at the University Hills Community Center on 4/26 at 6 pm. Information is available by calling 949-509-1408.      Panning for EuroGold AND Looking Under the ASB Hood at Uni High