Bridge Building in These Times

In these times, for those hungering for a bit more intellectual honesty and some nuance along the Muslim-Jewish divide, along the Whitebread-Other divide; we hear from two distinguished leaders in the LA metropolis. First is Dr. Ahmed Soboh, Chairman of the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California. In the second segment (minute 30:22) is Aziza Hasan, executive director of NewGround, a Muslim-Jewish Partnership for Change, based in Los Angeles. Having lived lives of bridge building, in some unassuming and some very privileged settings, both individually make their best cases for crossing particular divides-goodness willing. The public has ample opportunity to visit and engage with these centers to practice something essential.

Under the Costa Mesa City Council Hood AND Self-Help Graphics Live at Laguna Art Museum

Costa Mesa City Council Member Arlis Reynolds posts us on how Costa Mesa is governing; attending to their regional share of emergency housing, among other things getting done on that council. 

In the second segment (min 31:05) we check out what’s on those walls at the Laguna Art Museum, the intentional and irrepressible work from Self-Help Graphics; with Victor Viesca, CAL State LA professor of liberal studies, and Marinta Skupin, Curator of Education at the Laguna Art Museum. Details about the exhibit that continues through May 27th, and special events are available at:

Environmental Justice in the Coastal Zone AND Girls STEAM Conference at UCI

On the heels of the CA Coastal Commission’s recent adoption of a sweeping new environmental justice policy, Andrea Leon-Grossman, LA Deputy Director of AZUL takes up the impact of this and other policies in the coastal domain. More information is available at: and

In the second segment (minute 25:12), Danielle Watt and Jacques Bordeaux post us on the upcoming Girls in STEAM Conference on April 27th, 9:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at UCI. Information about reservations due by April 1st is available at the Girls in STEAM Conference website/, or 949-824-9473.

Meet OC Board of Supervisor 3rd Dist.Candidate Katherine Daigle AND “Parliament Square” Live at UCI

We hear from Katherine Daigle, one last candidate for the 3rd District seat County Board of Supervisor 3/12/19 special election. Details available at:

In the second segment (minute 29:20), award winning playwright James Fritz dials in from London about his play being staged on campus, “Parliament Square.” UCI theater professor Jane Page is directing; the play will be performed at the CTSA xMPL, March 9th through March 17. Fritz will be appearing at talk backs on 3/13,14,15. Tickets are available at: , 949-824-2787, or at the School’s box office.