A Shakedown of the Metropolitan Water District’s Priorities

My guests for the full hour are two water activists who’ve been monitoring consequential infrastructure decisions over the decades: Sierra Club Water Committee Chair and Vice Chair of Environmental and Social Justice Charming Evelyn; and Conner Everts, Executive Director of the Southern California Watershed Alliance and facilitator of the Environmental Water Caucus. They attend innumerable water board meetings so that you and I don’t have to! Today’s focus is on some Metropolitan Water District board of directors’ maneuvering to oust the forward thinking general manager Adel Hagekhalil. Charming ad Conner connect the dots between this power struggle and the Newsom administration’s top priority – the $20+ billion Delta Tunnel project. Actually we learn it’s more like $38 billion, not counting the much anticipated cost over-runs.

Music credits: Chimora, “Africano Americano,” Sounds of Africa – album; Bill Beach, “Aqua De Beber,” Letting Go – album.