“The Circular Economy and Plastic Pollution Act” AND UC System Versus Elsevier

We continue to rethink the plastic proposition with Nick Lapis, Director of Advocacy for Californians Against Waste; taking up CA SB 54 and CA AB 1080; The Circular Economy and Plastic Pollution Act. As the CA Legislative session winds down, details are available at: https://camustlead.org/ and https://www.cawrecycles.org/.

In the second segment (minute 26:17), Dr. Brian Cummings, Professor and Vice-Chair for Research at Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at UCI’s School of Medicine; speaks truth to a powerful publishing house, Elsevier, about open access to all that research academics do. In case future developments do not get their due in mainstream media, essential information is available at: http://stemcell.uci.edu/ and https://www.change.org/p/elsevier-boycott-elsevier-and-support-affordable-open-access-scholarly-publishing.

Refugees: Real, Here, and Now

For the full hour, refugee crises are made very personal, very real, with Guerline Jozef, executive director of the Haitian Bridge Alliance and Lydia Natoolo, former U. C. Irvine Student Body President and current vice-presidential candidate for the Ugandan diaspora. While you are at it, help yourself to additional materials: https://www.haitianbridge.org/ and https://faithinaction.org/.  

Your Guide to Medicare Enrollment AND “Dr. Keeling’s Curve”

Jack Cheevers, Public Information Officer for Region 9 of the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, talks about the basics and intricacies of Medicare enrollment.

In my second (minute 28:50), George Shea, playwright and children’s book author, George Shea, merges science with art as he talks about his play “Dr. Keeling’s Curve,” a subversive and lovely play for these times, for all audiences.