A Chaplain In A Pandemic

Reverend and Chaplain William Summerville, for the full hour, offers his very intersectional work in LA and Orange Counties, as he ministers to patients and their loved ones, during the COVID pandemic.   

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In California, Toward a More Perfect Redistricting

California Citizens Redistricting Commissioners: Linda Akutagawa, (Huntington Beach – No Party Preference) and Trena Turner (Stockton – Democrat) talk to us today about – how they’re getting along, getting it all done, AND how CA constituents with an independent commission tasked with district mapping, have ONE less thing to fret about. The Commission continues to hold meetings, including this week, for constituents to bring their geographic and demographic stories for consideration in drawing state and federal legislative district maps. Suggestions for adding meetings are also welcome. Follow and contribute to these developments: https://www.wedrawthelinesca.org.
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Prison Pandemic Voices

Keramet Reiter, UCI professor of Criminology, Law and Society, UCI School of Law, and director of Lifted, the prison education program in the UC system, brings a crowbar with her latest program that she’s building with colleagues and a crew of graduate and undergraduate students. Prison Pandemic, “Stories from the Inside,” is an ongoing project compiling voices of and about incarcerated people in California. Listening to her interview is the first way to engage. Other ways include: following @uciprisonpndmic and Prisonpandemic.uci.edu, or writing: Prison Pandemic/PO Box 4430/Sunland, CA 91041.

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It’s Chinatown, Jeff

Returning to the show is Ellen Mackey, Senior Ecologist with the Metropolitan Water District, with the developing story of the Met executives’ response to claims of unhealthy work culture conditions. Watch for additional breaking news from Adam Elmahrek of the Los Angeles Times.

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UCI Institute MINDing Aducanamab AND OC UnderMining Asian Heritage

UCI MIND (Institute for Memory Impairment and Neurological Disorders) director Dr. Josh Grill, takes some deep dives into promising findings in clinical trials for medications treating Alzheimer’s disease.
In the second segment (minute 36:32), Voice of OC Voice reporter, Brandon Pho talks from his recent article about hate crimes directed toward Asian Americans in Orange County.

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“A Weekend With Pablo Picasso” AND Post Fairness, Post Rush

First Herbert Sigüenza, member of the Culture Clash troupe, speaks about developing and appearing in his solo performance “A Weekend with Pablo Picasso,” streaming on demand -March 6 through April 4, 2021, on Cal Tech Live!. Tickets are available at: http://events.caltech.edu/calendar/weekend-with-picasso. On opening weekend, CaltechLive! hosts two free live talk-backs with Siguenza on Saturday, March 6, at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, March 7, at 4 p.m., PST.

In the second segment (minute 22:03), KUCI public affairs host Nathan Callahan take us from the Fairness Doctrine, to Rush Limbaugh and the media swamp, to where our body politic might recover.
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