Genetic Data Five Alarm Fire AND OC Women’s Choir Rocks (The Boat)

Dr. Jay Gargus, UCI professor of human genetics, pediatrics, physiology, and biophysics; informs in clear detail, the hazards that lurk in HR 1313, also known as “Preserving Employee Wellness Programs Act.” Follow the legislative trail at: AAL will follow up with future guests about any important developments of this legislation with considerable implications for patient, and the patient’s family’s privacy.

The second guest (minute 34), Eliza Rubenstein, Director of the Orange County Women’s Chorus, will be presenting a stirring program on April 1st and 2nd. She talks about the choir, and the upcoming concert’s theme: “Rocking The Boat.” More details about these and other performances, as well as August auditions are available at:

UFW Returns to Building The Union During Uncertain Times

UFW President Arturo Rodriguez, sits down at the Orange County Interfaith Committee To Aid Farm Workers dinner Sunday, to talk about how shifts in national leadership and in statewide commerce effect farm workers lives and how the union is addressing it. The UFW is now distributing their red card, “tarjeta roja,” a brief guide spelling out the rights of undocumented immigrants in the union’s website:

Sustain OC; A Hub of Innovation

Scott Kitcher, CEO and President of Sustain OC, (formerly Clean Tech), explains what is going on at this leading edge conservation technology matchmaker, incubator, and and advocate. We might call┬áthis trade association the “Chamber of Technology,” and it’s in our backyard. Events and workshops abound at the Cove at the Applied Innovations in UCI’s Research and Development Park. Information is available at:

Science in 2017 AND Live, This Week, at UCI’s School of the Arts

Dr. Shahir Masri, who researches air pollution exposure assessment and epidemiology, reflects on his work and what it looks like to be a scientist in 2017. He pivots between research and activism with public health policy on the line. Follow him at:

During the second half (minute 28), Jane Page, UCI Claire Trevor School of the Art (CTSA) director and professor talks about what’s on the roster this week around campus: original works at The Brown Bag Theater “Quebrando el Silencio! Breaking the Silence-Latinx Voices,” 3/15 9pm Ring Room at the Cross Cultural Center; 3/19 1 pm in the Nixon Theater. Also featured is Works in Progress, a look at collaboration with scientists, presented 3/15, at 12:45 pm at The Little Theater. All locations can be found at:; more information about performances at the CTSA is available at:

C.I.V.I.C. Minded in Adelanto and Tijuana AND “Moving Performances: Divas, Iconicity, and Remembering the Modern Stage”

It’s Immigration Awareness Week at UCI – a good time to bring to these airwaves, UCI history lecturer Tina Shull to talk about her work as a principle activist with Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement (CIVIC). Resources for engaging on behalf of an ever increasing vulnerable sector in our society include:,,; as well as Tina’s blog

The second guest (min 32) is Jeanne Scheper, UCI Professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies, talks about her recently released book entitled: “Moving Performances: Divas, Iconicity, and Remembering the Modern Stage,” from Rutgers University Press. She reprises early 20th Century greats: Aida Overton Walker, Loie Fuller, Libby Holman, and Josephine Baker. We let listeners make your own connections with contemporary divas, before you pick up your own copy of the book, available at your independent book dealer or through Rutgers Press.