What To Do About This Plastic AND Look What They’ve Done With Our Cash

Bruce Blumberg, UCI Professor of Developmental and Cell Biology, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biomedical Engineering talks about how he coined the term “obesogen,” in describing his research on the ever present endocrine disrupting chemicals affecting individuals for up to three generations. Mark Chamberlain, co-founder and owner of BC Space, a gallery in Laguna Beach curated a the exhibit entitled “Capital Crimes.” The exhibit can still be viewed through March 23rd, at 235 Forest Ave., Wed – Sat. 2-5 pm. Various works are revealed and discussed on air; but better to see the wide range of art that tackles global monetary issues. A live performance fundraiser to benefit the Friendship Shelter will be hosted at BC Space at 7 pm March 21st. More details available at both bcspace.com and FriendshipShelter.org Thanks for listening!    What To Do About This Plastic AND Look What They’ve Done With Our Cast

Nursing Science Degrees at UCI AND DACA Student Meets Rohrbacher

Ellen Olshansky, Professor and Founding Director of UCI’s Program in Nursing Science started in 2007, posts us on the training available for nurses gaining their BS, Masters, and/or PhD degrees. She covers the Affordable Healthcare Act, the program’s first nurse managed clinic in OC, and the Association for the Advancement of Nursing Science and Research. In the second half, Jessica Bravo, college student and activist affiliated with Orange County Congregation Community Organization, talks about her processing her documentation for residency under the provisions of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. She also relays the fruits of her recent Congressional meetings in Washington, D.C. two weeks ago. She describes her encounter with the Congressman representing her district, Dana Rohrbacher as tense and threatening, in contrast to all the other Congressional appointments regardless of party affiliation or seniority. An Ask A Leader exclusive . . .    Nursing Science Degrees at UCI AND DACA Student Meets Rohrbacher

Irvine Museum Turns 20 AND BeSmartee Changes the World

Irvine Museum executive director Jean Stern showcases the treasures of the museum’s collection, during this celebration of 20 years in the current exhibit, lasting through June 6th, entitled “Lasting Impressions..” irvinemuseum.orgposts visitors on regular hours, special events and tours, and gift store offerings for this museum located at 1881 Von Karman Ave. Suite 100 in Irvine. BeSmartee co-founders Tim Nguyen and Veronica Nguyen, with legacies of hard working parents/grandparents from Vietnam/Mexico, respectively, appear in the second half of the show to talk about how they are encouraging new businesses and new business practices to change the world in ever so many dimensions from their Huntington Beach-based company. besartee.com hosts blogs to continue and expand the discussion of how any venture can give back to community.  Irvine Museum Turns 20 AND BeSmartee Changes the World

JStreet Speaks Out AND Blackmarket Bakery Raises Dough

Alan Elsner, Vice President for Communications at JStreet, veteran international reporter, talks about his new position at JStreet, the “political home for pro-peace and pro-Israel Americans.” The organization’s activities and endorsements can be followed at jstreet.org Elsner also comments on “Gate Keepers,” a rare and revelatory Israeli documentary about the 5 most recent directors of Shin Bet. Rachael Klemek, proprietor of Blackmarket Bakery, returns to Ask A Leader after having successfully raised funds with Kickstarter, to acquire a new state of the art oven and expand to a new location, 2937 Bristol Street in Costa Mesa. Her manifesto: create quality baked goods amidst the current feeding frenzies.      JStreet Speaks Out AND Blackmarket Bakery Raises Dough