Medicare at 50 AND ProAlliance for Children

Last month, Medicare and Medicaid celebrated their 50th anniversary. Returning to the show to look back on this achievement, as well as forward toward cost effective outcomes and new developments, is David Sayen, Medicare and Medicaid Regional Administrator for the Western US. The official website is:

Co-founders of Professional Alliance for Children, Jim Dell and Jon Beyrer, talk about how their non-profit of San Diego attorneys and financial professionals provide free legal and financial advice to families caring for children with urgent needs. Details about upcoming training, as well as organizational templates to grow new institutions, are available at:

Messin’ with Texas’ Voter ID’s AND J Street on the Iran Nuclear Program Agreement

Jessica Levinson, law school professor at Loyola University, gives insight into the recent legal ruling on Texas’ most restrictive voter ID law, how the ruling might affect North Carolina’s voting law, and how other states are trending since the Supreme Court’s ruling in “Shelby County vs Holder.” More of her commentary is available on her blog at:

Alan Elsner, J Street’s Vice President of Communications, offers his nuanced and invigorated perspective on the Iran Nuclear Power Agreement, amidst the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee’s campaign to oppose the deal. More information about J Street’s charter, current forums, and projects are available at: or

KIDSCHOLLY; A Turner Production

Irvine family members Devlin, Darius, and Elizabeth Turner, are co-founders of a new non-profit, KidScholly. Their organization is raising funds for scholarships for financially needy children to pursue artistic, academic, and athletic activities. More information about KidScholly is available at:; 1-844-9SCHOLLY or 1-844-972-4655; 4521 Campus Drive #163 Irvine, CA 92612;; Twitter @kidscholly; and Instagram: kidscholly.

Greek Debt Crisis: Hear Today, Here Tomorrow

Stergios Skaperdas, both as a Greek national and UCI economist, covers how and why things have become so unbearable in Greece. We get some glimpses of what the erosion of democracy and the lowered standard of living look like in the current Greek political economy. Useful resources recently published by Professor Skaperdas include, The Oxford Handbook of the Economics of Peace and Conflict, and “Myths and Self-deceptions about the Greek Debt Crisis.”