Solidarity and Coalitions AND Paula Tomei Takes a Bow After 44 years at SCR

Today our guests are Dr. Jordie Davies, Assistant Professor of Political Science at UCI, and an affiliate faculty member of the UCI Culture & Theory Ph.D. Program. Of particular interest is her work on “Solidarity Processes in Multi-Racial Coalitions.” An additional portion of this interview is available in Part 2 of this pod. In the segment (minute 35:50) is Paula Tomei, managing director of South Coast Repertory. She’s stepping down this August after a 44-year career, building a lot of things of local, regional, and national significance. It’s SCR’s 26th Pacific Playwright Festival May 3-5. Wrapping their season are the productions “Prelude to a Kiss, The Musical” and “Galilee, 34” which were previously showcased in earlier festivals.

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In this extended portion of Jordie Davies’ interview, we draw comparisons with Ukrainians coalescing in the Maidan Revolution in 2013-14 and American protest movements.

“Pandemic Politics: The Deadly Toll of Partisanship in the Age of Covid”

No, we’re not done with the Covid pandemic – Covid is not done with us. It’s quite instructive to do examine a comprehensive list of parts in the politics of the pandemic, like before the next pandemic or crisis ensues. Sara Wallace Goodman, UCI political science professor talks about her new book out entitled, “Pandemic Politics: The Deadly Toll of Partisanship in the Age of Covid; How the politicization of the pandemic endangers our lives-and our democracy,” co-written with Shana Kushner Gadarian and Thomas Pepinsky, published by Princeton University Press. Sara Goodman’s team was the first to collect and analyze national survey data asking Americans about their health behaviors and attitudes.

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January 6th: Before, During, After

Charting where we are as a nation in 1/4/22, is UCI Sociology Professor David Meyer. With his interests in social movements, political sociology, and public policy, he’s our guy to break it all down, one year after the insurrection in our nation’s Capitol.

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