Irvine Assistance League Shop: A Community Affair


Jaimee Tashiri and Diana Cavanaugh, co-manager and board member respectively of the Irvine Assistance League Thrift and Gift Shop, present their charity’s abundant benefits to community and consumer. This venture is the one and only thrift store in Irvine, city of nearly 250,000. The store opens house with “It’s Just Coffee” on March 7th from 10 am til noon, at 2452 Alton Parkway. More information about other events, opportunities, and hours is available at:, or 949-798-5020.



Dark Money Trails in Irvine Mayoral Races AND “Alien She” Raises OCMA Roof


Attorneys Frank Barbaro and Frank Lunding, in the thick of unsettling investigations, examine the forensic evidence of dark money laundered and stacked in the Irvine mayoral election of 2012. The Federal Political Practices Commission, and CA Attorney General Kamala Harris’ office are the most direct sources of oversight of these transgressions – general public take note.

LA artist and curator, Astria Suparak walks us through the Riot Grrrl movement as well as “Alien She,” the current exhibition at the Orange Museum of Art that she’s co-curated with Ceci Moss. This exhibit runs through May 24, 2015.,,, and are resources to follow the plethora of events at OCMA and or get your own project started. The Lesbian Feminist Haunted House will be staged in West Hollywood this Halloween, presented by exhibiting artist Allyson Mitchell.



Progressives Eat, Meet, Pray at the Delhi Center

In advance of the event, emcee Andrew Tonkovich speaks about “Challenging Capitalism,” featuring acclaimed progressive intellectual, Dr. Richard Wolff and Ellen Brown, attorney and writer best known for her advocacy of public banking. It was sponsored by KPFK and O C Greens Party, Feb 12th, at the Delhi Center in Santa Ana. Although this segment did not make the broadcast, this interview sets listeners on the path toward broader discussion about labor behind the Orange Curtain. Mr. Patrick Conlin, of the OC Green Party is available for more information, or for the featured speaker.

UCI CAREs About Sexual Assault

UCI’s Dr. Mandy Mount, Director of the CARE Office; and Theresa Truman, Deputy Title IX Office and Senior Investigator in the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity present insight about sexual harassment as they administer and further develop policies to prevent violence perpetrated upon women and men. Resources include:;;;; and sexual harassment hotline 949-824-7037. Watch for upcoming performances of Vagina Monologues at the Physical Science Lecture Hall on 2/19 and 2/21 and at the Engineering Hall 2/20 7 pm. Other performances and opportunities are posted regularly on the CARE website.

Establishing UCI’s Center for Excellence Rare Genetic Diseases

Dr. Virginia Kimonis, UCI Medical Professor of Genetics and Metabolism, takes up her collaboration with researchers and clinicians at UCI, focusing on rare diseases, especially muscle and bone genetic diseases. With her extensive career in rare genetic diseases, she makes the case for the National Institutes of Health’s increased funding for precision or individualized medicine. Talking about her medical team’s leading edge diagnostics and treatments, support, and care are: Zack Dumond, with the pediatric onset of Pompe Disease; and David Sweetman, with adult onset of Inclusion Body Myopathy Associated with Paget’s Disease (IBMPFD). This interview is presented in advance of World Rare Disease Month, February 28- March 31. The UCI event for this occasion will be hosted on 2/25/15 from 12:00-2:00pm, at the Bill and Sue Gross Hall/CIRM Institute. RSVP Erika Fisher, 949-824-2886. More information about Dr. Kimonis’ clinics, rare diseases, and upcoming events is available at: UCI Division of Human Genetics and Metabolism and David Sweetman generously maintains an encyclopedic website as a resource for the general public: