Soaring Rates AND Syrian Routes

Paul Leonard of the Center For Responsible Lending covers payday loans, the ones whose interest rates can exceed 400 percent. He covers the federal, state, and local remedies toward this lending practice. Information is available at and Returning to AAL is Julie Fisher, author of “Importing Democracy, The Role of NGO’s in So Africa, Tajikistan and Argentina,” who takes up Syrian matters, bleak as they are. Her blog, book sales, and more are available on her website:          Soaring Rates AND Syrian Routes

Vigilante Movements in Our Midst AND Alzheimer’s Research Today

Author/blogger David Neiwert talks about his latest book “And Hell Followed With Her, Crossing the Dark Side of the American Border;” dealing with the vigilante movement alive and quite well along our Southern border. His blogs include “Orcinus” and “Crooks and Liars.” UCI neurology professor Dr. David Cribbs posts us on his research, some of which will be presented at the 24th annual Alzheimer’s Disease Conference; Countdown to 2050. His paper is entitled, “Progress in Immunotherapy for Treating Alzheimer’s Disease.” The conference is this Friday 9/20, at the Orange County Hilton: 3050 Bristol St. in Costa Mesa. Space is available as of this writing; registration can be arranged at 800-272-3900 or       Vigilante Movements in Our Midst AND Alzheimer’s Research Today

The Carbon Tax AND California’s Turn at Gun Legislation

Mark Tabbert, co-founder of the Newport Beach area chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby talks about his organization’s laser like focus on national legislative adoption of the Carbon Tax. The carbon tax, a revenue neutral measure, is a policy that has been supported by economists across the political spectrum. Interested individuals can get started with CCL’s weekly telephone conferences and or monthly meetings by contacting one’s local chapter through and they can read “The Case for a Carbon Tax,” by Dr. Shi-Ling Hsu. Charlie Blek, President of the OC Chapter of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, returns to the show to talk about the Colorado and New York States’ recently enacted gun legislation; then offers full throated support for CA Senate Bills in the LIFE Act (Livesaving Intelligent Firearms Enforcement Act): SB 374, 396, 47, 567, 755, and 683. More information is available at: or orangecountybradychapter.

The Carbon Tax AND California’s Turn at Gun Legislation

A Not So Funny Thing Happened On the Race to Nowhere

University High School Assistant Principal Mike Georgino and students: Jack Earthman, Carli Jipsen, and Abbie George have a round table discussion about the insidious culture of over-achievement in American public schools. An administrator, graduate, a senior, and junior, respectively, engage in all aspects of student life at University High School.  A Not So Funny Thing Happened On The Race to Nowhere