Eritrea Then and Now; Reflections for Our Times

Tekle Woldemikael, sociologist at Chapman University, and an Eritrean national repatriated decades ago in the US, speaks with nuance and intimacy, for the full hour about an old culture and a nation that thrives even in the grip of the current repressive regime.  His latest book, Postliberation Eritrea: The Rise and Fall of the African Renaissance State, published by Indiana University Press, will be out this May/June. He is also working on a special issue of African Identities Journal on Asmara, the capital city of Eritrea, as Modernist African City.

Fed Taxes Overhaul with The OC in Mind AND Brady Campaign Legislative Updates

Tyrone de Wale, VP of Capitol Markets at EndPlus located in Aliso Viejo, covers how the federal Tax Overhaul affects lending practices and investments, especially here in the OC. Prevailing real estate ownership trends are also of interest.

In the second segment (min 33:13) Charles Blek returns to the show with Congressional and CA statewide updates from the Brady Campaign for the Prevention of Gun Violence. The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act HR 38 passed in the House 12/6/17, goes to the US Senate next.

Changing History’s Lense AND Using Less When You “Bring Your Own”

Marie Benedict, author of The Other Einstein, has a new book out Carnegies’ Maid; both books of which cover consequential, yet unsung roles, in historical fiction for these times. Ms. Benedict continues to write new pieces on the next women to be rediscovered and recognized, all published by Sourcebooks Landmark.

In the second segment (min 35:50), Julie Darrell, founder of Bring Your Own Long Beach (BYOLongBeach), takes on our consumption assumptions helping us pare down waste we’re so good at generating! Her zero waste enterprises can be followed on all social media platforms.

Students Talking Science Truth To Power

The full hour is devoted to UCI’s Science Policy Group board members: Richard Prince, Christie Mortales, and Terra White; accompanied by fellow activists Alex McDonald and Nick Paganini, an entirely revved up group of STEM graduate students, and graduate student turned professional, and undergraduate respectively – who refuse to take the current political status quo sitting down as they promote science policy literacy amongst their members. Listeners, including STEAM students, will be invited to join in the special and ongoing events convened by SPG. Details for the upcoming roundtable convening on January 18th 4:30-8:00 at the UCI Student Union are available at: Additional resources are available at: “Brews and Brains” gatherings’ details are posted on the MeetUp page of the same name.

Jerusalem Examined

UCI School of Social Ecology urban studies professor Scott Bollens, for the whole hour, offers a full consideration of what is taking place in and around Jerusalem. He brings nuance and laser like focus on the facts in the ground around this divided city, up to and during the time of the White House’s recent proposal to designate Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. His latest book, Trajectories of Conflict and Peace: Jerusalem and Belfast Since 1994, comes fresh off the Routledge Press later this month. Media coverage also recommended for the look and the feel of Jerusalem also includes: and