Get Safe With Self Defense AND Get Ready With Comcast Merger


Get Safe Founding Director Stu Haskin, along with Craig Rexroad and Heidi Campbell, talks about Stu’s self defense organization that teaches skills and awareness techniques to students from 5-81, throughout all of California.  More information is available at
Michael Hiltzik, LA Times business columnist and Pulitzer prize winner, takes the short and long view of Comcast’s $45 B merger with Time/Warner.

Get Safe AND Get Ready

Watchdog Bites OC Leadership AND NASA Astronaut Lands at Beckman Center

Shirley Grindle, OC campaign finance reform activist and TINCUP oversight volunteer, offers new blood an opportunity to assume her charge.  Since the 2008, the OC’s grand jury pronounced the need to create a Campaign Practices Commission; the need for public, county wide oversight of campaign finance persists. Shirley Grindle, a long term fixture in this enterprise, is ready to pass on the torch.

Next, in advance of her 2/18/18 appearance at the UCI’s Beckman Center, NASA astronaut and International Space Station veteran Tracy Caldwell  Dyson gives a personable look at the program.  From her selection into the astronaut corps to the projection of future space exploration, priviledged glimpses are offered. For additional information about the Beckman Center free public lecture on 2/18/14 at 7p.m., contact Melissa Sweet at 949-824-2628 or

Watchdog Bites OC Leadership AND NASA Lands at Beckman Center

Assessing the Affordable Care Act AND Unnerving Trends in Human Development


Tom Buchmueller, healthcare economist at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, offers much needed, nuanced interpretations of the labor market and state/federal budget impacts from the Affordable Care Act.  Among the recent adjustments he covers are  the Congressional Budget Office’s February 2014 report as well as yesterday’s extension of the employer mandate.

Then, second guest Daniel Estulin, author of recently published, “Transformation: The Coming of Age of Human Deconstruction'” plots the dots along some unnerving trends in human development.  Starting with his early work tracking the influence of the Bilderberg Group, Estulin draws extensively on such sources as: the Strategic Trends Report, Codex Alimentarius,the Futures Group, Tavistock Institute, DARPA, In Q Tel with Bio Rad Laboratories, British Coefficients Club, CIA’s MK-ULTRA, The Project Pandora, Russia 2045, Project Quasar, and Timothy Thomas’ “The Mind Has No Firewall;” to name a few.  Daniel Estulin can be followed at: and

Affordable Care Act AND Unnerving Human Development

Behind the Sochi Olympic Curtain

Margaret Maradudin, a definitive authority of all things Russian, takes the show’s full hour, to pull aside the curtain of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games. As a prelude to viewing the Olympics, the Russian Television broadcast of Vladimir Putin’s 2007 IOC meeting in Guatemala is very compelling. Among Peggy Maradudin’s many insights are her recommendations that Olympic viewers follow the Games’ coverage on the following websites among others for additional perspective: For seniors who wish to hear Ms.Maradudin’s lectures, you can enroll at or 949-451-1403.

Behind the Sochi Olympic Curtain