“23/7; Pelican Bay Prison and the Rise of Long-Term Solitary Confinement”

The full hour is devoted to Keramet Reiter, UCI professor of Criminology, Law, and Society to talk about her new book 23/7: Pelican Bay Prison and the Rise of Long-Term Solitary Confinement, published by Yale University Press, http://www.kerametreiter.com/. Michael Saavedra, who was detained in solitary confinement the last 10 years of his 19 year prison sentence from which he was released in 2/2017, was originally scheduled to appear on this show. Once he’s recovered from last night’s motorcycle accident, he will appear on this show, offering his insight as a resilient detainee in long-term solitary confinement. Reiter’s research and Saavedra’s experiences yield stories that exceed the darkest of Charles Dickens’ passages.  Civilians can be involved through following: http://solitarywatch.com/ and specifically: http://solitarywatch.com/about-lifelines/.

Honoring Muslims at 2018 Celebration of Life AND Welcoming the Golden Rule at Newport Beach

On tap are two guests, each with purposeful events in the offing this coming weekend. Ani Zonneveld, founder and president of Muslim’s for Progressive Values talks about their annual “Celebration of Life” honoring and remembering: Nadia Anjuman, Xulhaz Mannan, Elham Arab, Sheikh Hamza Congera, and Numan Afifi – activists whom have been dealt with for charges of blasphemy in Moslem theocracies. “Celebration” will be hosted at the CBS Studio Center in LA, February 25th from 4-7 p.m. Tickets must be purchased 24 hours in advance. Ani has other enterprises to share from MPV’s ambitious roster of activities throughout 2018. Details for the event, and ongoing forums, are available at: http://www.mpvusa.org/.

In the second segment (min 31:53), Veterans for Peace Golden Rule, Project Manager Helen Jaccard kicks off the Peace Boat “Party” on the Golden Rule, pulling into Newport Beach 2/23 and remaining through 2-26 at 1931 West Coast Highway. With all the party favors and necessary speeches, and fund driving pitches, the party will carry themes like atmospheric nuclear weapon testing, during these more than interesting times. Contact information for attending the events and for contributing in numerous ways: vfpgoldenruleproject@gmail.com, or call Helen at 206-992-6364.

Citizens Climate Lobby: The Latest Forums and Campaigns

Kathy Orlinksy and Mark Tabbert, OC affiliates of Citizens Climate Lobby, speak in advance of this week’s CCL SoCal Regional conference. They also post us on campaigns as we head into the CA state primary on June 5th. Registration details for the Feb 17-18th conference at Cal State LA, are available at: http://tinyurl.com/2018SoCal. Watch for UnDoYourPart campaign newly launched by CCL.

“SHREW!” Amy Freed’s World Premier

Nationally renown playwright Amy Freed talks about her world premier SHREW! that will be performed this Spring (3/24-4/21) at South Coast Repertory Theater at the Segerstrom Center in Costa Mesa. Imagine the classic written from the perspective of a 17th Century woman. Art Manke directs. Details are available at: https://www.scr.org/calendar/view?id=9349

“The Tantrum That Saved The World” And Who DO We Think We Are?

Megan Herbert, illustrator and TV writer, has collaborated with Climate Scientist Michael Mann on a book explaining climate change to young earthlings; it’s entitled The Tantrum That Saved the World. She talks about how she settled on what message for such a delicate age and all ages and audiences. e-books and conventional books can be ordered on: https://www.worldsavingbooks.com/. This program awaits her eventual trek to Southern California.

In the second segment (min 26:17), UCI Humanities professor Jeff Wasserstrom returns to the show, posting us on what we can look forward to at the 4th annual Forum for Academy and the Public, presented by the UCI Humanities and Law Schools, and the Los Angeles Review of Books. The forum themed “Who Do We Think We Are? – American Identity and the Ideal of Democracy in the 21st Century,” will be hosted at the UCI Law School, 2/9-10; it is free and open to the public. Reservations are highly recommended.  Details are available at: http://sites.uci.edu/americanidentity/.