Admission Blues AND Cannabis: Untangling Complexities of Driving and More

Amidst the recently unearthed college admissions scandals, we hear what Vice Provost of Academic Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and history professor Doug Haynes really thinks – how his charter within the UC system handles the inequities of education in the broadest possible sense.

In the second segment (minute 27:35, pharmacology professor and director of UCI’s Center for the Study of Cannabis, Daniele Piomelli posts us on the fine minds congregating March 31st 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at The Cove at Applied Innovations. The workshop will address the complexities of pot behind the wheel, as well any progress that we can pry out of him about the Center. Details about how to live-stream this workshop are available at:

UC Press’ Headwinds and Tailwinds AND Pacific Visions at the Aquarium of the Pacific

In talking about the importance and value of university presses over many sectors, UCI Humanities Dean Tyrus Miller has much to say about some warning signs related to Stanford University Press on or near the budget chopping block. 
In the second segment, (minute 30:55), we talk about the all new addition at Aquarium of the Pacific, “Pacific Visions,” with CEO and President Jerry Schubel. Ample servings pertaining to climate change are available for all members of the public. Details about the public opening May 24th are available at:

UCI Climate Communication All Stars

Back by popular demand and the host’s insistence on finishing what we started, is UCI engineering PhD candidate Kimberly Duong. Gianna Lum, senior Earth System Scientist at UCI, joins her in taking up effective science communication, bridging research with the general public to increase literacy, with their pretty impressive tools. Their many useful sources and tools are:, and  

Vote Spotting AND Shifting Climate Politics in the US

Professor Rachel Bitecofer, polling forecaster and Assistant Director of the Wason Center for Public Policy at Christopher Newport University, knows how to call ‘em and offers  pronouncements that may surprise.  First stop, Orange County Congressional Districts; then on to the broader national picture for 2020 and beyond.  She’ll make us better consumers of political polling.  

Breathlessly, (minute 28:50) we head over to Bob Inglis, Executive Director of and former Congressman from South Carolina, who returns to the show to gauge the change in the political discussion of climate change, and the value he sees in the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, the Green New Deal, and the Green Real Deal.