The Spy Who Came if from the Crude AND The Bug Alert Nearest You

Greg Palast, muckraker of choice, connects the dots between British Petroleum and the Exxon Valdez disaster, as we look back on the last 25 years of remediation, recalcitrance, retribution, and the hitting of the repeat button. More investigative work is available at

Dr. John Kabashima, UC Cooperative Extension environmental horticulture advisor, or “wise-crackin’ plant sage” posts listeners on the pests that continue to blight crops, parklands, and our own gardens. As funding continues to decline on the state and federal levels, never has any emergency response been budgeted. Problems can be reported Abundant resources are available at:, and Stay tuned for the 100th anniversary of the UC Cooperative extension May 6th and again on 9/27/14. 9/23/14 will be a good time to listen to this show for coverage.

Spy Who Came In AND Bug Alert Nearest You

It’s Our Drought AND Frida’s Photo Album at MOLAA

Helping us understand and own our drought is today’s cast of five; UC Center for Hydrologic Modeling scholars: Neeta Bijoor, Alys Thomas, and AJ Purdy, along with Irvine Ranch Water District (IRWD) Board Member Steven LaMar and IRWD Director of Water Resources Fiona Sanchez. One correction, lawn irrigation uses about 700 bathtubs of water per year, instead of the amount stated in the interview. Related upcoming events include:3/22 UN World Water Day; Fix A Leak Week 3/17-23; Children’s Water Education Festival at UCI 3/26-27, and IRWD Water Awareness tours: 5/30, 5/31, 6/7,9/12, and 9/13. More sources on water conservation include:, and

Eddie Hayes, curator at the Museum of Latin American Art, leads us through the recently opened exhibit: “Frida Kahlo, Her Photos.” The exhibit runs until June 8, 2014. More information about the exhibit and related programs and events is available at

Our Drought AND Frida’s Photos

Juvenile Justice in US AND Funny Females in OC

Dr. Elizabeth Cauffman, Professor of Psychology and Social Behavior and Director of the Center for Psychology and Law, helps us rethink our juvenile justice system. Her research in the Pathways to Desistence Study and the Crossroads Project expansively examine decision making guidelines to reverse the expensive and unproductive incarceration traps set up in mandatory sentencing and zero tolerance policies. Information on research and public forums is available at: and Next, Orange County comedien Cindy Burns gives local female comics their due, in advance of their appearance at the Coach House. Cindy is the creator, producer, and performs in Funniest Wives whose shows will run at the Coach House March 22nd and May 10th. Information is available at either or at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano.

Juvenile Justice AND Funny Females

Tiny Houses AND High Stakes High School Siting AND In Appreciation of Bernard Gilmore

A triple treat today starts with Christopher Smith, co-director with Merete Mueller, of the documentary “Tiny A Story of Living Small.” The film will be presented March 6th, 8 pm at the Orange County Museum of Art, 850 San Clemente Drive, Newport Beach.  More information is available at, 949-759-1122, or www.tiny-the

Harvey Liss, local activist and recent appointee to the Irvine Planning Commission, takes up the Irvine Unified School District’s complicated selection of a site to build its 5th high school.  In addition, he addresses the conditional use permit for the nearby proposed drive-in for Chick Fila.
Lastly, Phyllis Gilmore presents at the end of this week, March 8th at 8 pm at the Winnifred Smith Hall, a concert in memory of her husband the late Bernard Gilmore.  She considers as we listen to excerpts of his compositions and a performance, his career of music.  A limited number of tickets for the free performance are available at the box office 949-824-2787 or at

Tiny Houses AND High Stakes High School AND Bernard Gilmore