Power, Truth, and Joy in Dialogue – Pauline Merry and Adam Smyer

Local activist, artist, and retired higher education administrator Pauline Merry, and Oakland attorney and writer Adam Smyer return to the show – this time on the same program, for a dialogue on the arc of progress in the lives of Black Americans. http://www.kuci.org/podcastfiles/984/MerrySmyerShow2-28-23.mp3

This bonus segment covers their shared craft of writing. http://www.kuci.org/podcastfiles/984/MerrySmyer2-28-23Pod2.mp3

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Great Park Amphitheater Stakes AND Law School Enviro Clinic Clothing Swap

All hands on deck with today’s time-sensitive coverage. Doug Elliott with Irvine Watchdog, examines how Live Nation isn’t just wielding their anti-trust might around the country, but performing their own power dynamic inside the Great Park. Tonight, February 21st, 6:30 p.m. Irvine City Council’s special meeting to consider the new terms Live Nation has proposed for the amphitheater.

In the second segment (minute 31:21)UCI Law student Bonggeul (Edward) Joo covers the Environmental Law Clinic’s mobilizing to reduce the harmful impact of fast fashion on the planet, including the collecting used clothing and hosting the ELC Thrift Swap event on February 28.

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“Fish Dreams; A Mother’s journey From Curing Her Son’s Autism to Loving Him as He Is”

or the full hour is social entrepreneur, artist, and advocate Irma Velasquez, bringing her recently released a book about raising her son Aaro. The title is “Fish Dreams; A Mother’s Journey From Curing Her Son’s Autism to Loving Him as He Is,” and it’s published by Deep Living Lab.

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The Science of R e a d i n g

We devote the full hour to Young-Suk Kim, professor and Senior Associate Dean at UCI’s School of Education. She’s been involved at the forefront of literacy legislation in California, bringing her decades of experience and research on the science of reading. She considers the multi-dimensional cognitive and social processes involved between the reader, the household, the educator, and the environment.

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