The Trans Pacific Partnership; It’s Not Your Parents’ Trade Agreement

UCI Law School Professor Gregory Shaffer, a welcome resource at a timely moment, brings a nuanced perspective to help us make sense of the Trans Pacific Partnership. Follow this director of The Center On Law, Globalization and Society at:,, and; or on articles he has written with his colleague and wife, Michelle Goodwin, posted on the Huffington Post. Electronic Frontier Foundation is one source that Shaffer recommends for monitoring the news coming from Maui where negotiations on the TPP continue at this writing.

TAPS Comes to OC AND CCL Climbs The Legislative Ladder

Ashley Fancher, Ben Harris, and Kat Stanley, all of whom are with the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, speak in advance of a series of events for a retreat planned in OC from July 23-26th, for surviving siblings. Respectively, each talks about their sibling lost in combat, suicide, and cancer. Information about later events and services offered by TAPS is available at:

The second part of the show we hear from Climate Change Lobby members Mark Tabbert and Chris Hilger about the in-roads that they are making with legislators in high places on the state as well as the federal level.  Eyes are on House Majority Whip, CA Congressman Kevin McCarthy.

New Swan Theater Celebrates 4th Season AND Chinese Contemporary Art Seen

UCI Director Eli Simon and UCI Humanities Professor Julia Lupton take up this summer’s New Swan Theater offerings; “Much Ado About Nothing” and “Macbeth,” both set in some fresh and modern settings. The festival also presents Music Mondays: Mariachi Las Colibri 8/3; Max Haymer Jazz Trio w/ special guests 8/17; and back by popular demand Mozart Monday II 8/24 and the all new Shakespeare Weekend 8/15-16. More information about the Mondays, meetings, and music available at:

Barbara Pollack, author, art critic, professor and authority on Chinese contemporary art, talks about the current Orange County Museum of Art exhibit which she has curated, entitled “My Generation: Young Chinese Artists.” The exhibit running through 11th, featuring 25 artists, comes to this Newport Beach venue, the only stop on the West Coast. Information about their art and accompanying events is available at:

Pastor Davis’ Open Conversation on Race and Climate Change

Pastor Mark Davis of the Newport Beach St. Mark Presbyterian Church brings some very specific religious practices close to home. He examines race, and Pope Francis’ Encyclical Letter on climate change. Further reflections of Pastor Mark’s are available at: and Watch for future coverage of progressive forums hosted at St. Mark Presbyterian Church.