Making the Case for Nuclear Energy AND China’s One Child Policy

A J Shaka, UCI Chemistry Professor examines our energy options in his inestimably critical and expansive way. Ready to look at nuclear power through a chemist’s prospective? Next, UCI sociology professor and demographer, Professor Wang Feng, offers his latest findings on the impacts and adjustments to China’s one child policy and gender preferences for offspring.

The Case for Nuclear Power AND China’s One Child Policy

Give Us This Day Our Daily GMO’s AND “Angels in America”


Howard Vlieger, Third Generation Iowa family farmer and GMO/glyphosate expert, and local activist Kathleen Hallal, cover the impact of the latest agricultural practices on public health and the food chain. Vlieger’s current tour in Southern California takes him to Northridge Chabad Jan 21st (818)765-1939; Irvine PTA on Wednesday at the IUSD offices; Laguna Woods Community January 31st (949)597-4200; and The Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano on Feb 2 (949)443-4223. More information about these forums and future events is available at, and Additional resources include the following books: “Seeds of Destruction,” “Uncertain Peril,” “Our Stolen Future,” “America’s Two-Headed Pig,” and “The Unhealthy Truth.”

UCI guest director, Gavin Cameron-Webb in the run up to Saturday’s opening night, talks about presenting this week and next week Tony Kushner’s mold-breaking play “Angels in America.”  Performances are scheduled 8 pm Jan. 25, 30, Feb 1; 7:30 pm Jan. 26; and 2 pm Jan 26, Feb. 1,2.  The box office at 949-824-2787 or, provides additional information about this special production at UCI’s intimate Robert Cohen Theater.

GMO’s AND “Angels in America”

Ariel Sharon’s Wide Swath AND California Landscape into Abstraction

Gabriel Piterberg, Professor of History and Director of the Gustav von Grunebaum Center for Near EAst Studies at UCLA reflects on what Ariel Sharon wrought throughout his military and political campaigns.

Chief curator at the Orange County Museum of Art, Dan Cameron, returns to AAL to lay out themes he’s pulled together at the current exhibition entitled “California Landscape in Abstraction.”  Who knew that the OCMA collection could express things in this way? Information on this exhibition, and the many special events still planned, is available at: or by calling 949-759-1122.

Sharon AND Orange County Museum Landscapes

What’s Cookin’ on the Solar Stove AND Is Our Media’s Goose Already Cooked?

Irvine Valley College Students Django Mangalam and Zachary Ho and U C I graduate student Noe Rodriguez discuss their two prototypes for clean cooking stoves. Their progress can be followed on youtube and at UCI’s School of Engineering, respectively. More information is available at Over the second half of the show, Tom Patterson of Harvard University’s JFK School takes up the challenge of maintaining quality journalism in his recent publication, “Informing the News; The Need for Knowledge-Based Journalism.” Copies of his book can be ordered at

Solar Stove AND Knowledge-Based Media