Jesus as Prophet in Islam AND

Shayk Mustafa Umar, of the Islamic Institute of Orange County, weaves historic and legendary details into his Islamic interpretation of Jesus and the attendant prophecies. Shayk Umar’s resonating themes take up application in our everyday, contemporary lives. is a source for services, lectures, and cultural activities at the Institute located at 1220 N. State College Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92608. 714-533-6271 is open for calls between 10 am -5:30 pm. Briefly, Scotty Bruer, founder of brings on his own initiative, signing up “peace ambassadors” around the world.

Jesus in Islam AND

Syria’s Shrinking Academic Portfolio AND The World’s Sinking Groundwater Stock

Syrian neuropharmacologist, Amal Alachkar, on a temporary appointment at U.C. Irvine, takes up how the Syrian academic and scientific infrastructures are at risk amidst Syria’s nearly 3 year old civil war. Her appointment is made possible by the Scholar Rescue Fund. Other sources worthy of listeners’ support include: the Syrian Organization for Relief and International Awareness Inc. (Facebook page SORIA), and the Syrian American Medical Society.
Returning to Ask A Leader, is James Famiglietti, earth sciences engineer and professor at UCI.  Accompanying him are Jamiat Nanteza and Sasha Richey, veritable rock stars and doctoral candidates, who address international water security issues from persistent and deepening groundwater depletion. All three consider their research in Eastern Africa, the Middle East, and Asia with the advanced technology available through the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (G.R.A.C.E.) satellite system, that locates and measures ground water depletion globally. The Pentagon’s highly secure Office of Net Assessment is also paying attention to these trends.

Remembering Sandy Hook Elementary and Nelson Mandela

Redeeming grief magnificently, Charles and Mary Leigh Blek continue to take up the prevention of gun violence, as we acknowledge the one year anniversary of the Newtown, CT shootings. They present a report card of state and federal legislation passed and pending. Legislative updates are available at On Sat. December 14th, around California and the country, bells will toll for the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre. Information for the Orange County gathering is available at: or 714-200-9676; for other venues around the country:  or 650-863-3360.
Moreover, we commemorate the life of Nelson Mandela as well the work of Linda and Peter Biehl whose daughter Amy was killed 20 years ago in South Africa.  Linda Biehl, who survives her husband, continues her work as co-founder and director of the Amy Biehl Foundation, an internationally supported organization, transitioning toward local management. Information about Amy and the Foundation’s charter and the outcomes is available at or
Rest in peace, Madiba.

Remembering Sandy Hook Elementary and Nelson Mandela

The Art of Listening AND The Need To Speak

Just in time for the holidays, Gayle Jabour and Daniel Tigner have recently launched their publication, “The Time of Your Life: Everyone Has a Story.” This book compiles reflections of some 40 retirees spanning a breadth of careers with a depth of experience. Insights this privileged are rare – the dividends of listening to this extent take us, in everyday life, to some very special zones. Books can be ordered at the usual outlets or calling (819)682-0205. Robin Leffler, President of Costa Mesans for Responsible Government, takes up the latest developments in her city council’s efforts to trim public comment. New policies of consequence are expected to be considered as well as enacted tonight, starting at 6 pm at the Council Chambers at 77 Fair Drive in Costa Mesa. More information is available as well as

Art of Listening AND Need to Speak