Meet MWDOC Division 5 Candidate Randall Crane AND Meet Irvine Mayoral Candidate Branda Lin

Today we crowd three plus hours worth of civics in under 1 hour! There won’t be a quiz after the show, but voters must complete all their ballots, which includes these two races. First, Randall Crane, Professor Emeritus at UCLA’s Luskin School of Public Affairs and Irvine resident, is running in Division 5 of the Municipal Water District of Orange County. In the second segment (minute 35:13), Branda Lin, co-founder of Irvine Watchdog, this time dons her candidate hat, in her bid to run for Mayor of Irvine. She is one of 4 candidates challenging the incumbent mayor.

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Two Gems Shining in the Desert

After Metropolitan Water District water pump mechanic Gina Chavez’ several appearances on this program, it’s her offsprings’ turn to take this the full hour to talk about growing up amidst her labor history and growing up in Lake Havasu City, AZ. Lucy Panuco, senior at Lake Havasu High School, and Milo Panuco, graduate of Parker High School; share their own experiences on their own terms. Their duet is chronicle of two identities, two high schools, and two career paths.

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CA Water Options And Priorities in 2022

Offering valued insight are two water warriors who’ve been paying attention over the decades: former Mayor of Huntington Beach and climate activist Debbie Cook will return with Conner Everts, Executive Director of the Southern California Watershed Alliance, and facilitator of the Environmental Water Caucus. They both bring a thorough discussion of water policy in California: desalination technology, water governing entities, and the latest California water initiative; to hone our critical thinking skills before statewide sleights of hand sweep the body politic heating up toward the midterm elections this fall. Resources for following up –, or viewing the most recent meeting -

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More on Women and Water and management Woes at MWD

As the story continues to develop since the 3/16/21 show on the Metropolitan Water District, we resume coverage of workplace culture oversight with: Ellen Mackey, Senior Ecologist and MWD’s AFSCME union women’s caucus; and Gina Chavez, MWD water pump plant mechanic. We add organizational cronyism to your vocabulary and a whole lot of grit in this update. Investigative pieces by Adam Elmahrek warrants a look-over:,
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It’s Chinatown, Jeff

Returning to the show is Ellen Mackey, Senior Ecologist with the Metropolitan Water District, with the developing story of the Met executives’ response to claims of unhealthy work culture conditions. Watch for additional breaking news from Adam Elmahrek of the Los Angeles Times.

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MWD: Safe Water, Toxic Workplace

For this, extended version, over one hour, are: Ellen Mackey, Senior Ecologist with the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) of Southern California and the Los Angeles and San Gabriel Rivers Watershed Council; and Gina Chavez, MWD water pump plant mechanic. The Los Angeles Times investigative piece by Adam Elmahrek, broke this story last week but it’s been developing for many years. Ellen in her capacity as the union’s women’s caucus and Gina as an aggrieved employee now on administrative leave, fill us in on the toxic work culture that tradeswomen have been enduring for many years. Water ratepayers, including you Orange County, interested in monitoring the MWD Board of Directors’ actions can follow with this link:
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