Changing History’s Lense AND Using Less When You “Bring Your Own”

Marie Benedict, author of The Other Einstein, has a new book out Carnegies’ Maid; both books of which cover consequential, yet unsung roles, in historical fiction for these times. Ms. Benedict continues to write new pieces on the next women to be rediscovered and recognized, all published by Sourcebooks Landmark.

In the second segment (min 35:50), Julie Darrell, founder of Bring Your Own Long Beach (BYOLongBeach), takes on our consumption assumptions helping us pare down waste we’re so good at generating! Her zero waste enterprises can be followed on all social media platforms.

Students Talking Science Truth To Power

The full hour is devoted to UCI’s Science Policy Group board members: Richard Prince, Christie Mortales, and Terra White; accompanied by fellow activists Alex McDonald and Nick Paganini, an entirely revved up group of STEM graduate students, and graduate student turned professional, and undergraduate respectively – who refuse to take the current political status quo sitting down as they promote science policy literacy amongst their members. Listeners, including STEAM students, will be invited to join in the special and ongoing events convened by SPG. Details for the upcoming roundtable convening on January 18th 4:30-8:00 at the UCI Student Union are available at: Additional resources are available at: “Brews and Brains” gatherings’ details are posted on the MeetUp page of the same name.

Jerusalem Examined

UCI School of Social Ecology urban studies professor Scott Bollens, for the whole hour, offers a full consideration of what is taking place in and around Jerusalem. He brings nuance and laser like focus on the facts in the ground around this divided city, up to and during the time of the White House’s recent proposal to designate Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. His latest book, Trajectories of Conflict and Peace: Jerusalem and Belfast Since 1994, comes fresh off the Routledge Press later this month. Media coverage also recommended for the look and the feel of Jerusalem also includes: and

“Cuba Is” And “California Mexicana: Missions to Murals, 1820-1930”

A double treat, care of the Getty sponsored Pacific Standard Time exhibitions throughout the LA and OC museums and galleries, is presented on this day during the holidays. First, curator and art historian Iliana Cepero talks about her exhibition which she curated at the Annenberg Space for Photography, “Cuba Is,” open through March 4, 2018. Details for this exhibit and related events and talks are available at:

Returning to the program is the second guest (min 29:08), executive director of the Laguna Art Museum, Malcolm Warner, covering his museum’s ambitious exhibit: “California Mexicana: Missions to Murals, 1820-1930, closing on January 14, 2018. Details about this exhibit and related cultural fare are available at:

North Korea Today AND Refugee Students Scholarship Program

UCI Professor Bob Uriu, steps up with his political science heft to take on the surreal and consequential ordeal that are US/North Korea relations. With a very open book he offers some tough material, all the more reason to keep one’s eyes peeled.

For the second segment (min 34:30), working in a few room at the Inn themes, UCI senior Iman Siddiqi, presents the Refugee Students Scholarship Program, which she has founded from whole cloth. Information is available at: Stay tuned for Refugee Awareness Week on UCI’s main campus Jan. 16-19 2018.

State Colleges and Universities Score Big AND See Jane Go, Hail Yes

George Mehaffy, the Vice President for Academic Leadership and Change at the American Association of State Colleges and Universities reviews the state of state colleges and universities-with an eye particularly on the CAL State system; and consider the benefits individual and societal, when first generation and low income students board the degree-completed train.

Then, speaking of going places, in the second segment (min 32:30) CEO of SeeJaneGo, Cassandra Miller rolls out the first in the nation women-driving-women ride-hail platform around and beyond the OC.  More information about this app’s current and future features is available at:

Boardsplaining in the US AND “Brunch is Hell”

UCI Merage School of Business Professor Margarethe Wiersema brings her strategic management expertise to focus on gender diversity in the board room; how US companies compare with companies around the world; and the opportunity costs incurred.

In the second segment (min 34:14), on the first day of their book tour, the “Dinner Party Download” duo Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newnam offer a hospitality manual for our time: “Brunch Is Hell; How To Save The World By Throwing A Dinner Party,” published by Little, Brown and Company. Copies and more available at:


Three PhDs Walk into a Congressional Office AND “Intimate Apparel”

UCI Professors Steve Allison (Earth Systems Science) and Kev Abazajian (Astrophysics and Cosmology) report on their recent visit to 45th Dist. Congresswoman Mimi Walters’ office, with climate change on the agenda. In addition, Steve offers glimpses into a special forum to be convened on May 30, 2018, “Climate Solutions Summit,” in which Walters’ office’s participation is anticipated. Organizations that they refer to as engaging local activism include: OC for Climate Action, Citizens Climate Lobby, and Climatepedia.

In the second segment (min 31:27), Claire Trevor School of the Arts faculty director Jane Page, along with actors Eriel Brown and Chris Mansa present for your consideration, “Intimate Apparel,” in advance of their December 2-10 production. Tickets can be purchased either by calling 949-824-2787 or online at:

COP23 in Bonn AND Pushing Back at the Office

Aaron Strong, University of Maine Professor of coastal and marine policy, offers an insider’s perspective of what transpired at the UN climate summit known as COP23 earlier this month in Bonn, Germany. “We Are Still” is a response to the White House’s lack of leadership in addressing catastrophic climate trends. In details are available at

In the second segment (min 39:00), with sexual predation on everyone’s radar, body language expert Patti Wood explains the natural response to aggression and how it can be managed in the workplace or elsewhere.

“Is There Life After Birth?” AND “Oceans & Flames”

Examining difficult subjects in girls’ and women’s lives through new work, this show begins with UCI MFA director candidate Melissa Livingston and UCI actor Monica Minix about their play “Is There Life After Birth?” This production focuses on the lives of teenage mother, and draws, in part, on the director’s own experiences. The play will run from Nov. 17- Nov 18, on and off campus respectively. Information about these performances is available at:

In the second segment, (min 31:00) Dania Alkhouli, Syrian-American writer, poet, and spoken word artist presents her collection of poems entitled “Oceans & Flames.” Her self-published anthology, highlighting work she created amidst her experience dealing with domestic abuse, is illustrated by Syrian American artist Sama Wareh, and designed by Syrian Artist Dima Arabi Katbi. Follow Dania on social media as “Lady Narrator” for information about buying her book and meeting her.

In addition information, for the UCI 11-16-17 benefit for Refugee Students Scholarship Program, information is available at: