UFW Returns to Building The Union During Uncertain Times

UFW President Arturo Rodriguez, sits down at the Orange County Interfaith Committee To Aid Farm Workers dinner Sunday, to talk about how shifts in national leadership and in statewide commerce effect farm workers lives and how the union is addressing it. The UFW is now distributing their red card, “tarjeta roja,” a brief guide spelling out the rights of undocumented immigrants in the union’s website: http://www.ufw.org/.

Sustain OC; A Hub of Innovation

Scott Kitcher, CEO and President of Sustain OC, (formerly Clean Tech), explains what is going on at this leading edge conservation technology matchmaker, incubator, and and advocate. We might call this trade association the “Chamber of Technology,” and it’s in our backyard. Events and workshops abound at the Cove at the Applied Innovations in UCI’s Research and Development Park. Information is available at: https://sustainoc.org/.

Science in 2017 AND Live, This Week, at UCI’s School of the Arts

Dr. Shahir Masri, who researches air pollution exposure assessment and epidemiology, reflects on his work and what it looks like to be a scientist in 2017. He pivots between research and activism with public health policy on the line. Follow him at: http://shahirmasri.blogspot.com/.

During the second half (minute 28), Jane Page, UCI Claire Trevor School of the Art (CTSA) director and professor talks about what’s on the roster this week around campus: original works at The Brown Bag Theater “Quebrando el Silencio! Breaking the Silence-Latinx Voices,” 3/15 9pm Ring Room at the Cross Cultural Center; 3/19 1 pm in the Nixon Theater. Also featured is Works in Progress, a look at collaboration with scientists, presented 3/15, at 12:45 pm at The Little Theater. All locations can be found at: https://communications.uci.edu/documents/pdf/UCI_16_map_campus.pdf; more information about performances at the CTSA is available at: http://www.arts.uci.edu/.

C.I.V.I.C. Minded in Adelanto and Tijuana AND “Moving Performances: Divas, Iconicity, and Remembering the Modern Stage”

It’s Immigration Awareness Week at UCI – a good time to bring to these airwaves, UCI history lecturer Tina Shull to talk about her work as a principle activist with Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement (CIVIC). Resources for engaging on behalf of an ever increasing vulnerable sector in our society include: https://www.facebook.com/Madres-y-Familias-Deportadas-en-Accion-895034303955446/, https://www.change.org/p/end-the-quota, http://www.endisolation.org/; as well as Tina’s blog https://medium.com/imm-print.

The second guest (min 32) is Jeanne Scheper, UCI Professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies, talks about her recently released book entitled: “Moving Performances: Divas, Iconicity, and Remembering the Modern Stage,” from Rutgers University Press. She reprises early 20th Century greats: Aida Overton Walker, Loie Fuller, Libby Holman, and Josephine Baker. We let listeners make your own connections with contemporary divas, before you pick up your own copy of the book, available at your independent book dealer or through Rutgers Press.

High Speed Rail Chugs Along in the Sunshine State AND Tesoro Is No Treasure to Wilmington

SoCal regional director of the California High Speed Rail, Michelle Boehm returns to the show for updates on this massive project amidst the competition for infrastructure funding in both CA and the U.S. More information is available at the water cooler source: http://www.cahsrblog.com/ as well as at the official site: http://www.hsr.ca.gov/.

(min 33): My second guest is Alicia Rivera, veteran community activist, talking about the imminent expansion proposed for at the Tesoro Refinery in the LA neighborhood of Wilmington. Environmental justice is on the line with the status quo as well as in the future. Deadlines, letter writing materials (http://bit.ly/2lXn3Lg), updates, and details to arrange for a Toxin Tour are available at: http://www.cbecal.org/, or by reaching Alicia directly: alicia@cbecal.org.

C.L.U.E. Sets The Table AND Shiny Objects Trump Policy

Rabbi Jonathan Klein, Executive Director of Clergy & Laity United for Economic Justice (C.L.U.E.) speaks in advance of their 2-22-17 special event “Architects of Justice” to be held 6-9 p.m., at the Temple Beth Shalom 2625 N Tustin Ave. in Santa Ana. Honorees include: Father Arturo Querijero Ferraras; Former Irvine Mayor Beth Krom; and Jennifer Muir Beuthin, General Manager of Orange County Employees Association. All the details are available at: http://www.cluejustice.org/. Local CLUE organizers contact information is also available on this website. OC personnel include: Sandra Ortega sortega@cluejustice.org and Anaheim rep.Irene Arellano iarellano@cluejustice.org.

Our second guest, UCI Professor of political science and rhetoric, Keith Topper (minute 31) takes us to the intersection of propaganda and rhetoric. Key is directing our direction toward policy and away from shiny objects.

Saffire Legal Takes on Sexual Harassment

On this Valentine’s Day edition of AAL, Teresa McQueen of Saffire Legal, takes up how her niche practice gives special expertise to employers and employees toward preventing sexual harassment at the workplace. Ms. McQueen’s practice offers legal, human resources, etiquette, and civility training for before or once these transgressions occur. She can be reached at: 949-535-5266, http://saffirelegal.com/, linkedin, Facebook and on Twitter. Her office is located at 2372 Morse Ave., Ste. 442, Irivne, CA. Additional resources are available these California and federal sites respectively: http://www.dfeh.ca.gov/ and https://www.eeoc.gov/.

“Refinery Town;” Richmond Refines Grassroots Model AND Introducing UCI’s Brand New School of Nursing

Labor activist and writer Steve Early talks about his recently released book, “Refinery Town; Big Oil, Big Money, and the Remaking of an American City,” published by Beacon Press. He offers promising news about the force of grassroots efforts from the Richmond Progressive Alliance vis a vis the Chevron Corporation juggernaut. Copies of this book are available at: http://steveearly.org/, http://www.beacon.org/Refinery-Town-P1229.aspx, or your favorite independent book dealer.  Watch for him in your area as he continues his national book tour!  View details about the Richmond refinery fire in 2012 at: http://www.csb.gov/chevron-refinery-fire/.

Then we’re one of the first to present on the airwaves – the founding dean of UCI’s Sue and Bill Gross School of Nursing and a professor of nursing science, Dr. Adey M. Nyamathi (minute 33). She links current initiatives with the degrees offered at the school, to prepare these vaunted professionals, in the trenches, in delivering better healthcare for all. For information about scholarship opportunities: http://www.grad.uci.edu/funding/fellowships-awards/index.html and http://www.ofas.uci.edu/content/Scholarships.aspx

Staying Up at Night over Voting Rights AND Sleep, the Next Frontier

UCI Law professor, insanely busy blogger, and very present on all media platforms, Rick Hasen – returns our to talk about Voting Rights and 2016 electoral outcomes on state and national levels. Eyes on Wisconsin, North Carolina, and the shape of your Congressional district. Among his many relevant reads are, published by Yale University Press, are: “Plutocrats United: Campaign Money, the Supreme Court, and the Distortion of American Elections, ” and “The Voting Wars; from Florida to the Next Election Meltdown.” Follow Rick Hasen at: https://electionlawblog.org/ or @rickhasen on twitter.

If those trends keep you up at night, our next guest Dr. Ruth Benca, Professor and Chair of UCI’s Dept. of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, (minute 28) offers important insights about sleep hygiene. Along the way, she presents some very cool aspects about the sleeping brain that you probably have not considered. Psst, all critters sleep! Details: 2/7 7:30 pm at the Barclay Theater at UCI; 949-842-5193, memory@uci.edu; presented by the Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory. No tickets or reservations are necessary.

Swinging Open the Doors at COR AME in Irvine AND Mayor Wagner Convening with Fellow Mayors AND Congresswoman Walters on ACA

Reverend Mark Whitlock, Christ Our Redeemer AME Church in Irvine, reprises a rich day at his congregation commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. He looks at the soul of the 45th President’s inauguration, a president, a nation, and the resulting movements dealing with current agendas.  COR will host: FAFSA & CA Dream Act Open Lab, 1/28/, 1-3 pm, at 45 Tesla Irvine “Calling all high school seniors; transfer, continuing, and undergraduate students.”  949-955-0014, for more details.

Next, (minute 28) Irvine Mayor Don Wagner dials in an appearance from the 85th annual US Conference of Mayors in Washington, D.C. 

Congresswoman Mimi Walters (minute 42) avails listeners a brief look at her take on repealing the Affordable Care Act.  Her staff will host a workshop, with a grant writing expert, on how to find available grant opportunities and successfully acquire funding.  The event is free and open to individuals with all levels of grant writing experience. RSVP to: Donovan Higbee at (949) 263-8703 or Donovan.Higbee@mail.house.gov. Tues, Feb 7, 2017 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Irvine Civic Center 1 Civic Center Plaza, Irvine, CA 92606