Medical Aid In Dying – The State of The Union

Returning to the show, for the full hour, is Samantha Trad, the National Director of Advocacy for Compassion and Choices. Up the escalator are more states enacting laws granting end of life options or “medical aid in dying,” (MAID). Amidst this trend, boarding the downward escalator, are federal and state challenges to end these choices. In the background are Compassion and Choices’ findings that a majority across the political spectrum support MAID. More earnest questions about this last act we all have. Hop onto their website for all the resources to which she refers in this interview:

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Meet CA Senate Dist. 37 Candidates: Alex Mohajer and Guy Selleck

We are 3 weeks out from CA Primary Election Day, March 5th. Our vote-by-mail ballots are delivered; on Feb. 24th select vote centers will open, 25 with a drive through ballot drop off. The Registrar of Voters office will be open for the entire voting period. Information is available at: . AAL continues coverage of the primary; on today’s roster are 2 State Senator candidates running in the 37th District: First is Alex Mohajer, Democrat and LA County Civil Service Advocate/Employee Relations Representative. In the second segment (approx. minute 28:40) is Guy Selleck, Republican and founder/CEO/principal of BuildersMax Inc. and G.E.M. Investment Properties.

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More Compassion More Choices AND “In the Green” at the Wayward

Stephanie Campbell and Susan Johnston, of Compassion and Choices, track CA and federal legislation and judicial rulings that affect bodily autonomy around needed end of life options. Details for following up with the rich trove of resources that their organization produces are available at: Also, we hear from Anna Miles, director of a Wayward Artist production entitled, “In the Green,” by playwright Grace McLean who hails from Santa Ana. The show opened last Friday and continues through April 30th. Stephanie Campbell and Susan Johnston active in Compassion and Choices and moving legislation in a and tracking rulings that affect bodily autonomy around needed end of life options.

In the second segment (aprox. minute 37:200), we hear from Anna Miles, director of a Wayward Artist production entitled, “In the Green,” by Grace McLean. The play runs from April 14-30th Th, Fri, Sat 7:30pm; Sundays at 2pm at the Grand Central Theater in the Grand Central Art Center 125 N Broadway, Santa Ana. More details are available at: Both segments have continuations, the recordings of which are archived on this same day.

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Stephanie and Susan had more to say; in this extension they talk about the residential requirements for people to travel to other states for more end of life options than are available in the states where they reside.

In this extension, Anna had more to say about how “In the Green” performances are going so far. She lifts up the curtain a bit about the crew and the audience reception.

Keeping and Visiting Sacred Places AND CA End of Life Option Act 2021

Returning to the show is Rebecca Robles, Acjachemen tribal member, culture bearer and activist, fielding queries about: whether during this season she feels heard more than in a long while; what does a land acknowledgement do in the better sense; and how whole is the Puvungna sacred site on the Cal. State Long Beach University campus? December 3rd at 3:00 p.m. PT, will be the Putuidem opening in San Juan Capistrano to which the public is invited: The extended version of this interview will include her takes on the how the Biden Cabinet level leaders are advancing Native Peoples and more.

In the second segment (minute 30:14), another member of the Compassion and Choices crew appears on this show. Christine Goodwin, a regional advocacy manager at Compassion and Choices, takes stock of SB 380 – the improvement and extension of the CA End of Life Option Act. The 2015 law is hereby extended through 2032.

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