Hanging on the Broadband

Ernesto Falcon, Senior Legislative Counsel at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, brings critical tools during the U.S. Senate confirmation of Federal Communications Commission interim Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel to become the permanent chair. This process comes with a deadline soon upon us- January 3rd. Mr. Falcon’s work focusing on: intellectual property, open Internet issues, broadband access, and competition policy offers a button-down appraisal of how the US squares with other countries in 2021, and how the nominee could bring the country up to speed. It’s not just you who’s saddled with poor internet at inordinately high fees; we are all feeling it.

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Gerrymandering; Sobering Trends AND Cleaning Up A Santa Ana Workplace

Cal. Poly San Luis Obispo political science professor Michael Latner, who returns to the show brings the heft of his Gerrymandering research to the latest processes underway-this includes CA. He co-wrote with Anthony Charles Smith, Alex Keena, and Anthony McGann, their latest, “Gerrymandering the States; Partisanship, Race, and the Transformation of American Federalism.”

In the second segment (minute 28:00), air quality scientist Shahir Masri monitors indoor air quality documenting workplace hazards in Santa Ana. He describes a tool among many, the AtmoTube Pro.

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Live at the Doyle AND Live at the Rep

Today, it’s all art: studio and performance art; and it’s all local. Tyler Stallings returns to the program in his capacity as director and curator at Orange Coast College’s Doyle Arts Pavilion. The Doyle’s current installation of 32 artists’ work is on display at “What Will Remain: Art in the Time of Human Dominion.” Doors are open during special hours October 11 through December 4, 2021. Also returning to the program, in the second segment (minute 28:28), is David Ivers, Artistic Director at the South Coast Repertory. The company is rolling out the return to live theater at the South Coast Repertory, since March 2020, with David Ivers’ in his own one man performance in “A Shot Rang Out,” by Richard Greenberg. The production runs from October 2 through November 6, 2021.

Music credits: Chimora, “Africano Americano”; Bill Beach #4 Búzios – album.


Huntington Beach Oil Spill’s Roster of System Failures AND Dianne Reeves Performs in Our Neighborhood

Today is a flight over the whole Huntington Beach Oil Spill debacle at 70,000 feet. Sean Anderson, Chair and Professor of the Environmental Science and Resource Management Professor and Director of the PIRatE Lab at CA State University University Channel Islands, will speak in the first segment about how innumerable institutions have failed all living things. His recent lecture offers addtional takes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpAkeJyacao.

In the second segment (min 31:30), is an intimate portrait of the inestimable jazz vocalist Dianne Reeves, in advance of her appearances around SoCal, including the Segerstrom Performing Arts Center 8 pm at 10-22-21.

Music credits: Chimora, “Africano Americano,” The Sounds of Africa – album; Dianne Reeves, “Stormy Weather,” Beautiful Life – album; and Dianne Reeves/Billy Childs, “To A Child,” Map To The Treasure-Reimagining Laura Nyro – album. http://www.kuci.org/podcastfiles/984/AndersonReevesPod10-12-21.mp3

“Cannabis and the Sexual Brain” – Connecting the Dots and Receptors

Pharmacology Professor and Director of UCI’s Center for the Study of Cannabis, Dr. Daniele Piomelli posts us on the fine minds coming together at the Center as well as the 10/13th forum entitled “Cannabis and the Sexual Brain; How Sex Affects Cannabinoid Activity.” Registration open to the public:https://cannabis.uci.edu/news-views/cannabis-and-the-sexual-brain/


CA Redistricting Commissioner Akutagawa Update

This is the expanded version of CA Redistricting Commissioner Linda Akutagawa’s broadcast appearance. She will take one more pass on this show as the final visualizations of CA Congressional, CA State Senate, CA State Assembly, and CA Board of Equalization District maps are available later this fall. Commissioner Akutagawa, of Huntington Beach, is registered as No Party Preference.


The Haitian Squeeze Play Continues

Jennifer Lee Koh, law professor at Pepperdine’s Caruso School of Law, and formerly at U. C. Irvine, brings nuance to the hazzards plaguing Haitians fleeing one hazard after another. Her contributions at: https://www.law.uci.edu/news/videos/law-policy-series-immigration.html offer additional insight with her UCI Law School colleagues last June, about how institutions are and are not performing.
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Lift Every Black Voice in OC

For the full hour, Laura Bratton-Evans and Gabriel Dima-Smith bring the Black experience in OC. In response to this they are building the brand new Black Democratics of Orange Co. Gabe serves as Chairperson and Laura as the Secretary and head of Community Development of this organization. They speak in advance of the Sept 25th afternoon and evening fundraiser: “Link to Life,” the details of which are available at: http://www.magicincacademy.org/.

Music credits: Greg Foat, “Symphonie Pacifique;” Sean Jones, “Lift Every Voice” Roots – album


Texas SB 8: Breaking Bad, Breaking Worse

Michele Bratcher Goodwin, UCI Chancellor’s Professor of Law, Founding Director Center for Biotechnology and Global Health Policy, brings receipts regarding the Texas abortion ban SB 8, that go all the way back to the 1860s, if not centuries prior. Her most recent book offers additional, essential commentary – “Policing the Womb; Invisible Women and The Criminalization of Motherhood,” published by Cambridge University Press.
Music credits: Patrice Michaels & Kuang-Hao Huang, “No. 8 Dissenter of de Universe,” Notorius RBG in Song – album.


OC Registrar of Voters; CA Statewide Recall 2021 and Running Elections

Neal Kelley OC Registrar of Voters, under whose watchful eye OC voters will cast their ballots, speaks about the logistics involved in administering the CA Statewide Recall Election 2021. It’s good to hear about his other duties including: preparing for the 2022 Midterm Primary with newly redistricted maps in the works; managing inquiries from doubters of the 2020 election results; supporting besieged election administrators around the country; and managing the security of ballots, from printing to counting them.
Music credits: Greg Foat, “Symphonie Pacifique;” Miki Yamanaka, “March,” Human Dust Suite – album.