“China’s Age of Abundance”

My guest for the full hour is UCI social scientist and one important demographer, Professor Wang Feng. We focus on his latest publication, especially as it helps us appreciate what China’s got to work with under current conditions. “China’s Age of Abundance; Origins, Ascendance, and Aftermath,” published by the Cambridge University Press, explores China’s rise to material wealth, current predicaments and future challenges. Demographers . . . the ones with lots of receipts.

Music credits: Chimora, “Africano Americano,” Sounds of Africa – album; and Jodi Proznick Trio, “The Moon Represents My Heart,” Jasmine Jazz collaboration at Vancouver International Jazz Festival 2022.


Process Theology Means For Achieving Living Earth

For the full program we explore the heft of a long life lived at the intersections of the spiritual, political, and physical domains with Dr. John Cobb, process theologian and leading organizer of Living Earth. His latest endeavors can be followed at: https://livingearthmovement.eco/, recently launched in March 2022.

Music credits: Chimora, “African Americano,” Sounds of Africa- album; Visioneers, “The World is Yours,” Dirty Old Hip Hop – album.


Prime Time Prime Real Estate in Anaheim AND One China, How Many Systems?

 With my first guest Anaheim City Council Member Jose Moreno, we head over to the Platinum Triangle as negotiations concerning the Angel Stadium and surrounding properties heat up. Interested parties can attend the city council this same day, and follow some money. Council meetings of interest in the near future are: July 16th and July 30th.

Then (minute 33:47), fresh from recent travel in the Hong Kong realm where the chief administrator blinked, UCI professor Jeff Wasserstrom speaks to the rapidly developing, consequential news still breaking there; One China, how many systems?