The Science of R e a d i n g

We devote the full hour to Young-Suk Kim, professor and Senior Associate Dean at UCI’s School of Education. She’s been involved at the forefront of literacy legislation in California, bringing her decades of experience and research on the science of reading. She considers the multi-dimensional cognitive and social processes involved between the reader, the household, the educator, and the environment.

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Ethnic Studies Rocks the Classroom AND America’s Unsafe Roads; With and Without the Pandemic

Emily Penner, professor at the UCI School of Education, returns to the show to speak to the theme of “pedagogy not politics of ethnic studies.

In the second segment (minute 31:06), Caron Whitaker, Deputy Executive Director of the League of American Bicyclists, talks about road safety as we move through the pandemic – looking at you exceptional USA, with our scary trend of raised fatalities bucking the global decline. The continuation is in the second link entry on this day.

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Baby’s First Years; Build Back Brainier?

UCI School of Education Distinguished Professor Greg Duncan, will have the full hour to talk about an unprecedented collaboration, a study making the media rounds, Baby’s First Years. The study showing a link between social safety net funding and improved brain activity in babies, will continue to follow these children til their fourth year. The early findings are published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, January 2022.

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