“Death In a Nutshell” in the Armchair Anthropology Series

Returning to the show is Roxanne Varzi, UCI anthropology professor, and award winning author, filmmaker, and playwright. She is rolling out a whole new creative enterprise: the Armchair Anthropology Whodunit Series, “Death in a Nutshell,” a murder mystery, is the first book in a series. This genre offers another way for her to examine and interpret anthropologists’ assumptions and roles in the study of humans. Of course there’s more under her microscope.

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The Science of R e a d i n g

We devote the full hour to Young-Suk Kim, professor and Senior Associate Dean at UCI’s School of Education. She’s been involved at the forefront of literacy legislation in California, bringing her decades of experience and research on the science of reading. She considers the multi-dimensional cognitive and social processes involved between the reader, the household, the educator, and the environment.

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