CA Draws The Lines AND COP26 Takes

We start with latest draft maps of Congressional, State Senate, State Assembly Districts with Commissioner Linda Akutagawa, of the CA Citizens Redistricting Commission. The nuances are as abundant as are the final days of deliberation. If you don’t know your legislative district maps…. you’re missing out: In the second segment (minute 32:00), Shahir Masri air quality researcher, author and climate change activist; offers perspective about what was achieved or not achieved at COP26 in Glasgow these last several weeks.

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CA Redistricting Commissioner Akutagawa Update

This is the expanded version of CA Redistricting Commissioner Linda Akutagawa’s broadcast appearance. She will take one more pass on this show as the final visualizations of CA Congressional, CA State Senate, CA State Assembly, and CA Board of Equalization District maps are available later this fall. Commissioner Akutagawa, of Huntington Beach, is registered as No Party Preference.

Redistricting Commissioners Seeking Your Comments AND CA 45th Consituent Speaks Part 2

Returning from their March 23rd appearance on AAL are Commissioners: Linda Akutagawa of Huntington Beach and Trena Turner of Stockton, two of the fourteen CA Citizens Redistricting Commissioners, appointed last summer, now in full swing with their community outreach duties toward mapping both federal and state legislative districts throughout CA.
In the new segment, “Inside the 45th,” Irvine resident David Ehrlich offers his views as a constituent (minute 39:27). Listeners living in the 45th CA Congressional District, are encouraged to email the host, to appear on future shows in this weekly segment in the future.

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In California, Toward a More Perfect Redistricting

California Citizens Redistricting Commissioners: Linda Akutagawa, (Huntington Beach – No Party Preference) and Trena Turner (Stockton – Democrat) talk to us today about – how they’re getting along, getting it all done, AND how CA constituents with an independent commission tasked with district mapping, have ONE less thing to fret about. The Commission continues to hold meetings, including this week, for constituents to bring their geographic and demographic stories for consideration in drawing state and federal legislative district maps. Suggestions for adding meetings are also welcome. Follow and contribute to these developments:
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