Blue U AND Class of 2021

It’s an all Anteater show. First UCI professor Kathleen Treseder is preparing to be a city council candidate, this is now our third look under her hood of a formative career. In the second segment (minute 29:24), KUCI music director Kate Davidson will deliver AAL’s second annual Anteater commencement address and talk about her where business and radio background will be taking her.
Music credits: Greg Foat, “Symphonie Pacifique;” Volebeats, “Desert Song,” Solitude – album; Adam Patrick Jones performs, “Pomp and Circumstance”.

10th Anniversary Show: Kathleen Treseder interview continued

Kathleen Treseder takes up the new trajectories that her Treseder Lab researchers are taking up in the age of COVID, and how her lab is able to manage during a lockdown. Professor Treseder also talks about additional civic pursuits. She posts us on all of this in her continuation of this interview.