Art Forms Tackle Human Detritus

It’s a double header: performance art and graphic art tackling the debris. In the first segment, Robin Frohardt presents her smart and creative installation “The Plastic Bag Store,” for an immersion in time and space to examine the persistence of………plastic. Her installation will run from 6/30-7/11/21 at the Downtown LA location of 661 Imperial St. More details are available at:
In the second segment (minute 22:38), Robin Repp board member of the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art and juror Erika Hirugami keep the conversation going with the impact of the population on the planet presenting an ambitious, “The Anthropocene Epiphany: Art and Climate Change,” on exhibit from 7/3-8/21/21. Details for this installation are available at:
Music credits: The Comet is Coming, “New Age” Channel The Spirits; Freddi Price, “Helen Walk Work,” The Plastic Bag Store film; Illum Sphere, “Thousand Yard Stare,” Glass – album.