Plastics, Still More Plastics

Returning to “Digging Out,” this time together, are Andrea León Grossmann CA director of Azul, and John Hocevar Oceans Campaign Manager for Greenpeace USA. They knit together massive campaigns on the state and national levels, leading now with addressing California’s contribution to plastic waste that is exported to countries with weak labor standards and few environmental protections.
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“The Circular Economy and Plastic Pollution Act” AND UC System Versus Elsevier

We continue to rethink the plastic proposition with Nick Lapis, Director of Advocacy for Californians Against Waste; taking up CA SB 54 and CA AB 1080; The Circular Economy and Plastic Pollution Act. As the CA Legislative session winds down, details are available at: and

In the second segment (minute 26:17), Dr. Brian Cummings, Professor and Vice-Chair for Research at Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at UCI’s School of Medicine; speaks truth to a powerful publishing house, Elsevier, about open access to all that research academics do. In case future developments do not get their due in mainstream media, essential information is available at: and

Seconds Use Plastic AND Refugees and Our Collective Humanity

Senior plastics campaigner David Pinsky, is out there in front with Greenpeace’s assessment and ranking of the US supermarkets’ contribution to the plastic waste stream. Customers, get your details at:
Then in the second half (minute 27:30), Jackie Menter, co-founder of the Orange County Jewish Coalition for Refugees, brings the heft of her personal experience with refugees amidst the international commemorations of the World Refugee Day, amidst the ramping up of the man made immigration disaster occurring along our border and around the country. Ample marching orders are provided for those who refuse to witness the horrors in silence.

Solving Climate Change Through Free Enterprise Lenses AND Greenpeace Campaign Turning Off Plastic Spigot

Bob Inglis, Executive Director of and former Congressman representing Greenville-Spartanburg, South Carolina, offers wholesome and winning perspectives on climate change solutions. He moves mountains on climate change acceptance in business and in the Grand Ol’ Party. Details are available at:

In the second segment (minute 33:45), Kate Melges, Ocean Plastics Campaigner for Greenpeace, directs our attention to the production end of the omnipresent plastics. Yeah, consumers can make better decisions, but the producers make it oh so hard for us. Their campaigns can be followed at: