Crashing Carceral Walls in California

Returning to the show is UCI Professor Keramet Reiter, Professor with appointments at UCI’s Dept. of Criminology, Law, and Society and UCI’s Law School; and founding director of “Lifted,” a prison education program in the UC system. Her acclaimed writings include her book: 23/7; Pelican Bay Prison and the Rise of Long-Term Solitary Confinement. She brings insight into solitary confinement reform in CA, and the intersection of that with her other projects in the carceral system: the BA degree program in the UC system, & other education programs. Details about this program are available at: On future programming AAL will resume discussion of the bail reform and how the system affects individuals and communities, as time did not allow this coverage.

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In-Prison UC Education Is Coming And “Pan-Damn It!”

In the first segment, Keramet Reiter returns to the show to talk about UCI’s launching the first in-prison BA completion program in the UC system. Professor Reiter, at both UCI’s Dept. of Criminology, Law, and Society and UCI’s Law School, with 20 years of experience in teaching in prisons, explains how many of California’s institutions are positioned to pull off this program with huge dividends for the individual and the community.

In the second segment (min 30:57), emblazoned on the Ask A Leader marquis, is Kyung Hyun Kim’s fresh as can be, play for this moment, Pan-Damn-It! UCI professor of Humanities and screenwriter Kyung Hyun Kim; and co-directors Jane Page, UCI director and professor at UCI Claire Trevor School of the Arts, and Gavin Cameron-Webb independent director – talk about Pan-Damn-It!, Kim’s original screenplay to be performed as a Live Zoom play reading on 11/15, 4-5:30 pm PT. Information on the play and how to get your free tickets is available at: :

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