DIGGING OUT: Root Causes of Uprooting

Silvio Carrillo – journalist, activist, and artist offers what keeps getting missed in mainstream coverage: a nuanced perspective of the motivations for Central American refugees to flee dangerous conditions. Silvio speaks as the California director of Berta Cáceres.org; the late activist, his aunt, who championed indigenous claims to resources in Honduras. Listeners can dig out by contacting their federal representatives in support of HR1574 and S388.

Music credits: The Comet is Coming, “New Age,” Channel The Spirits album; Natalia LaFourcade “Hasta la Raíz.”


Sanctuary City: A Civil Grassroots Model in Los Alamitos

For the full hour, Pastor Samuel Pullen offers a useful case study on how grassroots is getting the job done in Los Alamitos in the sanctuary city movement. Lessons learned could sustain additional grassroots efforts as the post pandem financial pie is being carved.http://www.kuci.org/podcastfiles/984/PullenPod5-19-20.mp3