The Latest on Huntington’s Disease Research and Treatment

Returning to the show is the world renown investigator on Huntington’s disease, Dr. Leslie Thompson. Accompanying her is Melody Bandley, advocate for her husband and other patients, for advances in Huntington’s Disease research and care. Details on ongoing search and care are available at: For additional legislative actions that support HD care:

The bonus interview with American Ballet Theater’s retiring artistic director Kevin McKenzie, that was not broadcast on this program, is now available in a separate podcast on this same date. He appears in Orange County during the current run of The Nut Cracker performed at now through December 18th at the Segerstrom Hall.

Music credits: Chimora, “African Americano,” Sounds of Africa- album; and Bill Beach, “Dreams Deferred,” Letting Go – album.

Continuation of CA Stem Cell Cures Research AND Pacify App: Helping New Parents

First, Robert Klein, Chairman of the CA Stem Cell Research, Treatment and Cures Initiative 2020 and Mitra Hooshmand, Director of Californians for Cures bring very fresh news about the California initiative campaign to continue funding for stem cell research in CA. The drive for signatures continues, postmarks must be no later than 4-16-20:

In the second segment (minute 32:18), Melanie Silverman, Chief Clinical Officer for Pacify, returns to talk about how her service speaks to particular needs of new parents in the Age of COVID.  Details on getting set up with this app are available at: