Watchdog Bites OC Leadership AND NASA Astronaut Lands at Beckman Center

Shirley Grindle, OC campaign finance reform activist and TINCUP oversight volunteer, offers new blood an opportunity to assume her charge.  Since the 2008, the OC’s grand jury pronounced the need to create a Campaign Practices Commission; the need for public, county wide oversight of campaign finance persists. Shirley Grindle, a long term fixture in this enterprise, is ready to pass on the torch.

Next, in advance of her 2/18/18 appearance at the UCI’s Beckman Center, NASA astronaut and International Space Station veteran Tracy Caldwell  Dyson gives a personable look at the program.  From her selection into the astronaut corps to the projection of future space exploration, priviledged glimpses are offered. For additional information about the Beckman Center free public lecture on 2/18/14 at 7p.m., contact Melissa Sweet at 949-824-2628 or

Watchdog Bites OC Leadership AND NASA Lands at Beckman Center