Assessing the Affordable Care Act AND Unnerving Trends in Human Development


Tom Buchmueller, healthcare economist at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, offers much needed, nuanced interpretations of the labor market and state/federal budget impacts from the Affordable Care Act.  Among the recent adjustments he covers are  the Congressional Budget Office’s February 2014 report as well as yesterday’s extension of the employer mandate.

Then, second guest Daniel Estulin, author of recently published, “Transformation: The Coming of Age of Human Deconstruction'” plots the dots along some unnerving trends in human development.  Starting with his early work tracking the influence of the Bilderberg Group, Estulin draws extensively on such sources as: the Strategic Trends Report, Codex Alimentarius,the Futures Group, Tavistock Institute, DARPA, In Q Tel with Bio Rad Laboratories, British Coefficients Club, CIA’s MK-ULTRA, The Project Pandora, Russia 2045, Project Quasar, and Timothy Thomas’ “The Mind Has No Firewall;” to name a few.  Daniel Estulin can be followed at: and

Affordable Care Act AND Unnerving Human Development