Young Adult Cancer Patients Return To Normalcy AND Mining Tragedies Persist in Mexico

Returning to the show one year later are Becky Tejera and Natalie Burgess, to post listeners on the progress of their treatments for breast and colon cancer respectively. Natalie’s success was to be shared in the broadcast, but 5 1/2 month old Isabella slept through the interview! Napoleon Gomez Urrutia, General Secretary of Mexico’s National Union of Mine, Metal, and Steel Workers, speaks about the collusion between the government, business, and the media to discredit the Union as well as him. While living in exile in British Columbia these last 7 years, he’s completed a book that documents the victimization of a unified miners union, including “industrial homicide.” His book “The Collapse of Dignity, The Story of a Mining Tragedy and the Fight Against Greed and Corruption in Mexico,” can be purchased online at his website: Accolades go to his wife, Oralia Casso, who advances the cause and perseveres along with him while they remain in exile.       Young Adult Cancer Patients Return to Normalcy AND Mining Tragedies Persist in Mexico