Panning for EuroGold AND Looking Under the ASB Hood at Uni High

Professor David Pan, UCI German scholar and director of the Humanities Core Courses, talks about this year’s launching of the European Studies major. With the immersion in learning and living, this new program breathes deserved relevance back into the pursuit of German, Russian, French, and Italian languages and studies. More information is available at or 949-824-6406. David hosted at UCI the recent conference, “Visions of Europe.” At the end of 2014, he will present an international conference at UCI, “Europe and the World.” The second half showcases engaged students at nearby University HIgh School: recently elected ASB President Hunter Craft, ASB Vice-President Carli Jipson; as well as officers of the club “Peace of Mind,” Chiara Galassetti and Sarah Parniani. Hunter and Carli talk about the electoral process with special vetting, distinguishing it from many high schools near and far. Chiara and Sarah’s work is culminating in a fundraiser hosted at the University Hills Community Center on 4/26 at 6 pm. Information is available by calling 949-509-1408.      Panning for EuroGold AND Looking Under the ASB Hood at Uni High